Drinking water update

If you haven't read my first blog about drinking water, well this will be news to you, I HATE water, if you have read that blog, well it's old news! But I have stuck to my conviction to drink three litres of water a day.  I think I've had one day where I did not reach the three litre minimum but one day in 2 weeks that's not bad and I didn't let it stop me from continuing on.
After one week of drinking 3 litres of water a day

I've started infusing my water with lime juice from fresh limes and lemons.  I'm going to try some other fruits as well, to see what it's like, and maybe that will help me drink even more water.

Here's some news, there is a bottle of Pepsi in my fridge, it's been there since Monday when hubby got home from camping and I haven't opened it, nor have I even been tempted. Ok I was tempted once but I filled up my water bottle and drank that instead!!

The history behind this big revelation..... If there was a a pepsi anonymous I would be in need of a meeting.  I am a pepsi-aholic! I love Pepsi, I know it's no good for me, but I love it.  I have at many different times in my life given up pepsi (lent, new years resolutions etc) but always after the crack of of the seal, that phssssh sound gets my mouth watering and I just want a cup, but not a small cup, no the largest cup, actually if I could i would just stick a straw in a two litre bottle and suck it down.  I am a pepsi girl over a Coke, I just much prefer pepsi, but I will drink Coke from time to time if it's available.
After two weeks of drinking 3 litres of water a day

It's now two weeks since my deal to drink 3 litres of water a day and I am not minding it at all. It's been easier than I thought, and I'm starting to like drinking it.  I must be growing up now :P


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