Spring Cleaning or a Summer Purge

When I first found my house, the house I am currently living in, I loved the kitchen.  It was so big and had so much space, so much more space than my little town house kitchen and I just loved it! Then we moved in, and it was just the three of us, it was a little crowded, but manageable and things were ok.  Then we had the baby and need room for Lil Man's things, high chairs, bottles, cups, bowls, plates etc.. it was getting a little cluttered.  Then we started hosting family get togethers and so many people were always in the kitchen ( I don't have an open concept house), it was ridiculous how crowded it was and I started to resent my kitchen.

I couldn't get anything done in it and it was just a big area of wasted space as far as I could tell.  I didn't have a functioning pantry, my cupboards didn't go all the way to the roof but they didn't leave enough space at the top to at least store some of the larger counter top appliances like crock pots and such.  The cupboards were white, I painted them a muted pink, even got the hubby's blessing on that one haha, they now have brushed silver knobs which do modernize them more.  We took out the breakfast table and now just have an open area for a pantry and book shelf.  But it was still driving me crazy.  The kitchen had become a dumping ground for stuff. Mail, supplies, clothes, whatever, it was just a place things came to die but no one ever did anything about really cleaning it.
Here is what my kitchen looked like this afternoon.

I grew up in a house where my mom cleaned the kitchen every night after supper, and there is seriously something about a clean kitchen before going to bed that is very relaxing.  I secretly love having a clean kitchen at the end of the night. I would rather not wake up the next morning and see supper dishes on the counters and sinks, it's a pet peeve of mine, yet my family never seemed to mine. Honestly though, part of it was me being passive aggressive, if I cooked I didn't want to clean, I felt someone else should, but no one would and then it would sit until the next day. GROSS!!  Well now it's just me home most of the time, so any mess is a mess that I am in charge of, so when my oldest son gets home I'll have to work with him on this routine and when my hubby comes home we will have to work on this, just so that it gets done and stays clean because in all actuality, my kitchen is pretty damn big!!

I did a big clean in the kitchen today which has led me to this discovery.  I organized shelves, I set up a mail spot, I'd still like to put a command centre into my kitchen but that will have to wait a bit.  But the kitchen is clean and it looks fantastic!! Here are the after pictures!!

What did I tell you, it's pretty good, I can handle this kitchen, at least until I can either gut it and renovate it or move!!


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