Camping at Gull Lake

I haven't gone camping in years, not since high school.  I kind of lost my appeal for camping shortly after then, especially after being spoiled because some of my friends had family with cabins at the lakes so camping was not my idea of fun, unless it was in a powered cabin. Otherwise, forget IT!! Not doing it, not interested.  But my husband likes to camp, so we compromised and have camped a little since we've been together.

Those first few camping trips were in tents, and I hate tents!! I can't get comfortable, I'm always too hot under the sleeping bag, too cold out of the sleeping bag and my trick to just stick one leg out of the covers doesn't work either because that leg just freezes while the rest of me sweats.  So we camped on the way down to California for our honeymoon for a couple days but that was the last time I have camped with him.

Then his parents got a camper now I can camp in a camper. It has 'beds' and offers four walls and their camper even had a fridge and toilet.  It's a type of roughing it I can handle.  So when my friend Sara asked me to go camping with her for week at Gull Lake, I figured I could handle it with the two boys in the camper. So we planned to camp and away we went!!

Now I am not as talented as Sara so I let my hubby set up our campsite, I just stood around and looked pretty watching the kids, Sara set up her whole campsite on her own, I was impressed.  We were staying out in Gull Lake for 4 days, the longest my child has gone without tv, and I wasn't sure if I wouldn't want to give him to a zoo after that but I was willing to give it a try.

We got out to Gull Lake on Monday morning, sites were set up by noon and then we took the kids to the lake. It was a fifteen minute walk to the lake but the kids did really well with it and didn't really complain at all.  After spending almost 4 hours at the lake we went back to the campsite to have supper.
The kids painted rocks they collected on the way back to the campsite and Sara and I fixed supper.  After supper it was showers and then we put the two older kids to bed.  The babies weren't as easy to convince to sleep but they did sleep and Sara and played some Skipbo.

Tuesday and Wednesday were very similar, we went to the beach, and the park, let the two older kids play themselves out and Sara and I watched and took care of the babies.  I really enjoyed our camping trip, it was a lot of fun!  Getting a few hours each evening without any of the kids talking at us and stuff was fabulous and it was hot the whole week we were there.

For me this is a type of camping I can handle!! And since Hubby bought us a trailer I'm super excited to do more camping.  Only issue is I am dependent on hubby to set up my camper because this one is huge and I wouldn't even consider trying to haul it!!  I'll write another blog about the trailer tomorrow.


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