Pretty Girl Sasha

Sunday I took Sasha for pictures at Fetch Haus in Red Deer.  Alicia was doing a Valentine's Day shoot for puppies and I thought it would be nice to take Sasha for some pictures.  I would take Louis too, but he's a bit unmanageable still, so I left him at home.  Sometimes it's nice to just do things with the girls and Sasha is the only other girl in my family at this point.

So of course she looked great this morning then she and Louis went outside to play and got FILTHY!! I swear she was almost like Harry the Dirty Dog, you remember that story???  That was my Sasha, so I had to go out and clean her off.  Louis did not enjoy my brushing Sasha, he is very narcissistic, and thinks all attention should be given to him. As I was getting Sasha settled, he kept coming over and pushing her out of the way.  He's a bit of an arsehole, that's the only word to explain it, I mean he sits on poor Sasha all the time and Sasha is such a wuss, she just takes it.

So here is my pretty girl Sasha, she's great!! I would recommend Alicia to anyone who wants to have their pets photographed, she's great with them!!


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