Weekend Accomplishments

Here's a look back on some of my first blogs, there's never any pictures here, so I have added them in!!

We got a lot done around the house this weekend... unfortunately, having a baby was not one of those things. We have been trying to get a dog run built since we moved in and yesterday my wonderful man finished it. Now my dog will no longer be tearing apart my grass when we aren't home. I got some meals cooked and frozen for the upcoming weeks, so that was nice. Chandler changed his Gecko's cage around and finished his homework. And amazingly, which I am sure this will be the last time this happens, my laundry is all caught up.

With all that work though I did not have a baby. I worked hard, but no contractions. The only thing I have is a baby that seems to enjoy my womb. I guess I can take that as a complement. However, the lack of sleep is going to begin to catch up to me and being sick right now is not helping either.

I am counting today as an extention of the weekend. And it is only 8:45 am and I have finished cleaning the floors, dusting, and cleaning my washer and dryer (seriously don't ask). I am going to finish cleaning my yard today and I am going to rake the lawn before winter finally sets in. I am also going to be babysitting for a friend in need. It should be a busy, hectic day.

Hopefully, keeping busy will help me to stop thinking about inducing my labour. I am still trying different things. Like drinking Camomille tea and eating pineapple. My friend Alex told me about Camomille tea and said it helped her, she drank it with every meal two days before she went into labour. Becky commented on the last post that she heard you had to eat seven pineapples before they did anything. My tongue would be raw if I did that!! But I am still going to try to snack on pineapple all day. It's a good healthy snack so it's not like it will do my any harm. If anything happens I will let everyone know.


  1. I swear the Raspberry leaf tea I drank before Sarah really helped, but then it also led to having a baby on the driveway so perhaps you don't want to go that route! LOL


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