An Update on Well everything

Another look back on how Lil Man came into this world

October 22 and 24 were crazy days. So last week, actually on the 22 of October I had a doctor's appointment and I still had high blood pressure. My doctor sent me for a non stress stress test. I am pretty sure I mentioned this before, what I haven't mentioned though is that the next day October 23rd I was admitted into the hospital. My blood pressure was 160/100. I was light headed and felt clammy. It was not a good day and when I arrived at my doctor's office he sent me to the hospital almost immediately.

I went home got my bags, kissed Chandler and Adrian and I set off for the hospital. I ended up spending the night in the hospital where they gave me a sleeping pill and monitored my blood pressure all night. The next day they checked my blood pressure again, it was still high, 147/86 but it had stabilized so my doctor sent me home with a prescription for labetatol and ordered bed rest. I was to go into to see him the next day to have my blood pressure checked again. We were speaking of inducing me on Monday. Arriving at my doctor's office the next day my blood pressure was "perfect". We still decided to induce me on Monday. Lucky me I was being sent back to the hospital Monday morning.

Monday was an early morning, not like I would have slept in, but this was supposed to be a week of holidays still and here I was spending my holidays in a hospital. Adrian and I arrived at the hospital at 7:45. My doctor came in to see me at 8:30 and inserted the Cervidil. There was a day of small contractions and not much else. Adrian walked around the hospital, napped and played crib. Adrian's brother Josh came by and visited with us for a while that night while we waited for the doctor. At 8:30 at night my doctor came back in and reassessed me. Not much had changed, but it was decided that we would keep me overnight and try again the next day. Whoohoo sleeping in a hospital bed, that is not much fun and I had roommate so even less fun. At one point in the night the baby's heartbeat had a decel down to fifty and I got poked with an IV and had to be moved in all these awkward positions to find the heartbeat again. It was all fine within two minutes but after taking a sleeping pill that last thing you want to be doing is moving around in your bed so the nurses can poke and prod you.

Tuesday dawned bright and early. Nurses coming in to check my blood pressure, my temperature and provide me with food. The food wasn't bad but I would have loved to have had McDonald's. That would have been yummy. It was my craving, unfortunately, I was stuck with hospital food. My roommate left in the morning to a labour and delivery room, she was two weeks over due so I did not begrudge her after learning that. I seriously felt like Rachel from Friends where all these people were coming in and having babies and my baby was being stubborn and not cooperating. So Tuesday was the second day of Cervadil. Again not much happened. Adrian played more crib, walked more and napped more. That was my day. The doctor came at 6 and it was decided because there had been so little change that I should go home, go to my doctor's appointment the next day and set up and induction for November 2. I was good with this I would get to sleep in my own bed.

Home we went, and to bed I went. I was pretty exhausted. Then at 12:30 the contractions started. They were short contractions, maybe 30 seconds in length but they were coming very consistently at 5 to 6 minutes apart. They were no fun what's so ever. I got up and rocked my hips back and forth and did Child's pose to help alleiviate the pain, but nothing was working. After an hour I woke up Adrian and told him to take me to the hospital. We called Josh to come and stay with Chandler in case we did not come back, which he did. At the hospital they checked me, I was a whole centimeter dialated. So they gave me a sleeping pill and sent me home. I slept for 4 hours then woke up the contractions again. They were now 45 seconds to a minute in length and coming every 4 to 5 minutes. We went back to the hospital to be assessed again. ( I am a little bit paranoid so I go to the hospital lot's) I was reassessed and found to be 1 1/2 centimeters. So they sent me to my doctor's appointment to come back later if I needed to.

Before we went to my doctor's appointment Adrian and I did some shopping. We had time to kill so I figured we may as well do something I enjoy rather than sitting in an office waiting. We went to Babies R Us and bought a spa tub. It's pretty cool actually. Then we walked around the mall to Zellers so I could buy a robe for myself. It was a fabulous robe. On a side note I am quite impressed with Zeller's new line of clothing that they are carrying but that's for another blog. Once we were done we headed to the doctor's office. My contractions were still coming and still causing me a great deal of discomfort.

My doctor took my blood pressure then assessed me. I was at 3 centimeters. An hour after leaving the hospital I had doubled my cervix's opening. I was on a roll. The doctor told me to head to the hospital and we would be breaking my water to get this baby out. On another side note my doctor had a plane to catch that night for Cancun for some kind of conference. 11am on October 28 my water was broken. At 12:30 they started the drip, which is incredibly painful, I wish they hadn't started it. I was given pain meds and I took an epidural that day. I had to for my own sanity, I swore the child was trying to dislocate my leg and make a new hole to pass through. His head was apparently sitting funny and causing pressure in places where it wouldn't have if he'd been sitting properly. I moved around all day trying to convince him to move into the proper location to no avail. After a long afternoon, I had my son, Leigham and he was just perfect.

Now we are at home trying to develop a schedule and working to get enough sleep. It's sometimes difficult but it's all been worth it. In my next pregnancy, if there is another one, I don't know if I will look to be induced... at least not medically, because that was just too much too fast, but as they say you can never tell what will happen. Personally, I will take the pain of induction over a Ceasaren anyday though. Just my opinon.


  1. I agree, no induction.... no cesarean either.... take it from me! I loved seeing you and Leigham, he is just adorable! I can't remember when Sophie was that small already! I hope you two are getting along alright, I will see you at the end of the month... take care!


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