Happy Family Day

Our family day was spent driving out west to see some of the sites of the Rocky Mountains.  I have been to and through the Rocky Mountains hundreds of times, but I have never been to them west of Red Deer.  So I asked my husband if we could go out to get some pictures and just spend an afternoon together, it ended up being the whole day but that was ok too.

We actually slept in on Monday so we got off to a later start than we had planned.  But after feeding little man breakfast, packing snacks, getting water and finding all the clothes we needed we hoped in Hubby's truck and were heading out west.  We live so close to the mountains, and I love the mountains, I am literally in awe of them all the time so I couldn't tell you why we hadn't done this before, but I am so glad we did it this day and I hope to make it happen more frequently from now on.

Out on the David Thompson Highway we had  a destination of Nordegg in mind.  It's really just a tiny little community, it was cute, but as it was a holiday there wasn't much to do there.  We stopped in then decided we wanted to go further West to maybe check out Abraham Lake and David Thompson Resort.  David Thompson Resort was closed for the season but we were able to pull off a couple places along the high way to get some great pictures.  But oh my was it WINDY out there.  It was so windy, I was going to set my timer on my camera to take a family photo but I didn't think my camera would stay anchored and would have ended up on the ground broken, so we had to pass on that picture.  
This was a little train outside the museum at Nordegg, it was such a quaint little town, I really do want to go back to maybe find some hiking trails and stuff.

Here is the windiest point I have ever been too, it's on this little pull off by Abraham lake, you would totally miss it if you weren't looking for it. Hubby hadn't seen it at all, until I told him about it. So we turned back so I could get some more pictures.  Hubby and Lil man also had nature calling, but it was so cold, that wind was horrendous.  

This picture turned out fantastically!!! I love the light and you can see the sundog that is in the sky as well!!!  I was very happy with this picture!!!

More mountain peaks!! 

A friend told me she hoped I would see wild horses if I went out to Nordegg, and I hoped I would too, but we didn't see any of those animals.  My hubby had made a comment that there were no animals out yesterday, then we saw three different groups of them.  We also saw a few dead ones, but I didn't take pictures of those.
This was the first set of deer we saw, White Tailed Deer, which I haven't seen many of in Alberta, I used to see them in Saskatchewan all the time, but here I've more often seen mule deers and other ones.  

We also got to see some sheep as well.  These guys were eating on the side of the highway. It's interesting that 30 minutes prior there was no sign of them when we drove past this spot on the way out west, but when we went east they were all right there.

Highway 11 is the David Thompson Highway, it's a really nice highway with some great scenery!! I had a great day. We even went to look at the dam on Abraham lake and when we came out this was the sign I saw, I thought it was a great photo op!!!

Here we are at Nordegg, and you can see the grey clouds in the distance.  Those are over Rocky Mountain House, the further East we went the worse the weather got, except that the wind stopped, that was nice.

It was a great day of exploring, I can't wait to do it again, even Lil Man was an excellent passenger!!!


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