Week Four 52 Week Photo challenge

The theme for the fourth week was HARSH! It could be interpreted for harsh mid day light or maybe harsh shadows.  I knew what I wanted to capture the second this was posted, but when I went out to get it it just didn't turn out that way.  And try though I did I thought I was going to miss the deadline for this week.  But I was able to pull it together and miracles of miracles I captured some Harsh lighting photos.

My initial idea was to take a photo with the sun in the background but use the suns light to create a lighting halo backdrop. I have done it before, purely by chance and apparently there was no way I was doing it through practice. I must have deleted 50 photos, that just didn't capture anything.

So I ventured outside and began taking some photos, these are the photos I initially took and hoped one of them would be good enough for my submission, not that anyone is judging them, but I am trying to learn here so I am my own worst judge.

The second picture was a bit disappointing I had hoped the shadows would be deeper but they weren't, so I went into my house and thought well I have one photo that's ok, but it's not really capturing what I want for this theme. So I sat on my couch and I opened my book, because well it always works out best for me to do something else when I am trying to solve another problem. As I sat on the couch, I happened to look up at my end table with lamp, I am not sure what it was but it caught my attention.  It was my AH ha moment. I grabbed my camera and snap snap, got the picture I wanted!!!  I was really very excited!!
So there is the harsh light working to be advantageous in this situation.  It was such a neat shot and the shadows added to it. It's definitely a picture my dad would have liked.  It's weird to say that, but memories of my dad come up when I look at this picture and it's a good feeling!!

Here are a couple other pictures from my picture library that seem to fit this theme!! hope you are all enjoying watching me learn some neat photography skills!!
Here is a picture from this summer I like the contrast between the shadow and light on the neck.  It's a selfie!!

This picture was taken on a walk with lil man and it was the inspiration for this week, but I am still happy with the photo I got!!


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