Skating in the Afternoons

Uncle Nellie came by with Aunti Rhi this afternoon!!! It's really nice to have them come visit!!  The boys always enjoy having Uncle and Aunti over, and it gives the other adults in the house a break from being the only entertainment on the block.

Today Uncle and Aunti took Chan out for lunch, they tired to take him to get his hair cut but the place was closed.  So after lunch they returned and had a visit with little man. After much cajoling we took Lil Man out for a short skate.

Lil Man is still pretty uncertain on his feet in skates.  He would much rather have his boots on to play hockey on the ice then his skates.  But he is willing to try if you are persuasive enough with him.

We took out two mini sticks, a soft puck, his skates, helmet and a red chair to do the skating today.  Lil Man had a little anxiety about putting the skates on, but he put them on and was out skating for ten minutes before he began to want to call it quits.

First he skated around with Uncle's help

Second he skated using the red chair.

Third, he sat on the chair and Uncle zipped him around the skating rink.  He looked terrified as Uncle took him around corners.  Lil Man was frozen stiff on his chair, and when that ride was done, so was he with skating.

We took his skates off and put his boots back on and Lil man went to play hockey on the ice.  He played for five minutes then we left and came back home.  I think next time we go skating it will be earlier in the day as Lil Man was a little cranky guts the whole time we were out there.


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