So awhile ago I posted how I was making lifestyle changes in order to become a healthy weight again, and I was saying how I wanted to get back into my size ten jeans.  Does everyone remember that??  Here's a link to that post.new me

So here is my update, as of last Friday when I stepped on the god Forsaken scale, the numbers were 10 pounds less than they had been on New Years Day!!!  I reached my first milestone goal!!!! I was elated, jubilant.  Now I get to set my next set of goals!!!  Here are some happy pictures about my progress.

So now I have to set a new milestone to reach. I would like to be down another 10 pounds by my sisters wedding in April.  I know that I can do this, I just have to keep doing what I have been doing and my weight will keep decreasing.  Currently I am fitting into a size 12 comfortably, and size 14 are now my fat pants!!!  

So Goal #1: To lose 10 pounds by April 18th!!
Goal #2: To exercise at minimum 3 times a week
Goal #3: To reach week 9 of the runners training sheet by April 18th.

All these seem reachable and measurable and within the realm of possibility!!!  Can't wait to post more on these goals!!


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