Provost and Back

Yesterday I had the pleasure of traveling some Alberta highways to pick up Chan from Provost, where his father and I meet when Chan goes to visit Greg.  It is a 2 1/2 hour drive with no stops, but since it was just me driving yesterday, I loaded up my camera, ipad and iphone so I could take pictures along the route.  It took me 3 hours and 15 minutes to get to Provost and I was still early.
I loved this rearview mirror shot, I pulled over on the highway and took some pictures.  Some guy was walking his dog and asked if I was ok, that's when it became apparent that this was not something people regularly do.

Here's an old school site

I stopped a few times and was able to capture some really unique pictures.  I really like being able to get creative with my camera, and when you have kids this can be really easy, but sometimes it can be difficult.  Lil man is way more interested in seeing what the picture looks like then in actually posing for the picture.  Half the time Lil Man wants to take the pictures, he even has his own Fisher Price digital camera that he will carry around and take pictures of everyone. So this break where it was just me was a lot of fun, I was able to stop when I wanted and take pictures of the things I wanted an no one was in the car complaining of the stops!!

There are always deer and stuff on the road, but this trip displayed the animals in plenty.  I saw like three different herds of animals.  They were all out in the fields but it was fun capturing these pictures.

Alberta is known for it's oil field when you drive to Provost there are all kinds of Pump Jacks and other oil field paraphernalia that it's hard to miss, but Alberta also have Windmills, I was trying to find a place to take a picture of a pump jack with a windmill in the background but those pictures never presented.  I thought the juxtaposition would have made a really neat photo.

Lil Man may become a photographer when he grows up, or it may just be a hobby for him, but I encourage him to take pictures and to have fun while doing it.  Chan has no interest in being behind the camera, and he's at the awkward stage of being a teenager where he doesn't really want to be in front of the camera either.


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