Where's Franklin??? *live feeds entertainment* *no game spoiler*

When the House Guest first arrived in the Big Brother Home there were all kinds of things in the house for which they could use as props.  One of these props was a stuffed turtle, whom was named Franklin.  maybe creativity is not the house guests highest quality, but at least they gave the turtle a name.

They spent time playing with Franklin and entertaining themselves in a house that has them completely cut off from the world.  Brendon and Dominic even did a re-enactment of superheroes one night where they had to rescue Franklin. Now we need the real superheroes to come in a save the house guests because Franklin is missing.  Audible gasps are being heard around the world, because who would steal the house guests one form of entertainment.  Something that illustrated imagination and would help teach others to use their imagination for fun instead of turning on the television......oh maybe that's why Franklin has gone missing.

I would like to know what happened to Franklin, but I don't watch the live feeds all the time so I have no idea. I can hypothesize that one of the House Guests is trying to mean to the others, or that TPTB were upset with the display of imagination the turtle brought out and were scared viewership would decrease if the house guest kept playing imagination games.

So now Brendon is on a hunt for Franklin, he's been putting out PSA for help on finding him.  He is also  now conducting a Trial to find out what happened to Franklin.  It's the new game the the House Guests are playing to entertain themselves and the live feed viewers.  Tonight will be the the trial, so we will see what they determine. I am sure some one will update me, but I need to go to bed because I have things to do tomorrow which will require me to go to bed, but if any other BB fans out there know what's going on let me know so I can rest easily knowing Franklin is well taken care of.

So goodnight fellow bloggers and I will blog with you later!!!


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