Sunday's Big Brother Recap!! Nominations

Rachel won HOH and now this is the episode, much like two weeks ago, goes over all Rachel had to consider for picking her nominations.  It was a rather dry episode and a bit of a dry live feeds period, so not much happened.

The house guests had a diary sessions about the eviction of Cassi, Shelly was upset because of her voting Keith out, and Dominic was comical saying the Regulators were the worst alliance ever.  One thing I found funny, is that as soon as Cassi was out of the house Porsche was draping herself all over Dominic.  I don't like Porsche she is too full of herself, watch her interview if you don't believe me, and she may have been the one causing more problems in the house than even Cassi.

The Vet alliance celebrated, quietly in the candy bedroom, the fact that Rachel won the HOH.  Dominic and Lawon both voiced their concerns since they were members of the Regulators and members of the only two alliances left for Rachel to choose from, if she choose to stick to her Vet alliance.

Then they show Brendon and Jeff having a conversation in the storage room, where Brendon says, "I feel like we have to put up Adam and Dominic" which was who JJ wanted out last week, and now BR are thinking of evicting them.  It's so funny, because Rachel would have probably beat Cassi and Shelly in the HOH competition and would have been able to put them up this week, instead they had Jordan pull a backdoor situation.

The house guests were able to pull off a prank on Rachel.  Everyone grabbed pillows and hid around the house waiting for Rachel to come out of the DR.  She came out of the DR and screamed, "Who wants to see my HOH room!" She looked around for everyone, then they all bombarded her with pillows.  Rachel laughed and took it all in good spirits. Everyone came up and saw her HOH room.  She talked about being engaged because of her sister's letter, Jeff then in the DR jokes that he just found out Rachel was engaged, did you know she was engaged.  He is so funny!!

Then you have the parade of Newbies coming up into the HOH room, pleading their case for why they should stay.  First Adam comes up and throws Lawon and Kalia under the bus, calling them ultimate floaters.  Then you have Lawon up in the HOH room, talking in circles, because he says he is playing the game, and will continue he says he needs BR in the game, but I didn't even really understand his pleading case.

The Have Have Not competition was replaced with a Luxury competition, promoting, shamelessly I might add, CBS's new show Same Name.  The house Guests got three clues to guess who the celebrity was, the first clue was three bars of soap and opera glasses.  The second clue was a microphone and the third clue was the Zingbot carrying a lifeguard floatation thing.  Then in the backyard was Kit with David Hasslehoff in it.  Jordan then tells us how she came up with Baywatch from the first clue, which I still don't understand how she got Bay from Soap, I get the Watch part by turning the opera glasses into binoculars to watch but how she got Bay from soap I don't think I will ever figure that one out.  She asked Jeff who played Mitch Buchanan and Jeff told her David Hasselhoff.  Jeff didn't understand either.  Brendon thought it was stupid to guess on the first clue.  None of the other house guest guessed David Hasslehoff so Jordan won.  So Jordan picked Jeff, Shelly and Kalia to go with her on the luxury reward.  Rachel was pissed.

Rachel and Brendon had a huge fight because she helped Porsche, by having her guess Michael Jackson, Porsche is an idiot.  Brendon was upset that Rachel would help the competition, Rachel was upset because Brendon was always talking down on her.  She was also pissed because Jordan didn't choose her and Brendon.  The rest of the house guests sat in the kitchen and listened to BR's fight.  Rachel told Brendon to leave, but he didn't.  This opened the door for Dani to start scheming to further her game without getting her hands dirty.  Dominic came in and began pleading his case for why he should be allowed to stay in the game.  Dominic then told Dani about his conversation and that got the house going on the idea of backdooring Jeff and Jordan.

Rachel then makes her nominations, JJ are safe as are Kalia and Lawon.   Adam and Dom are back on the block.  It looks like it may be a backdoor scenario if Adam or Dom can win POV.

What they didn't show you.......
-there wasn't much that you didn't see in this episode.  There were a lot conversations going on about who to trust and who to nominate.  But nothing major, until Porsche had a talk with Rachel about Dani playing the game.  I think Porsche had this talk because she sees Dani as being in her way to getting to Dominic.  But she had some good points and it got Rachel thinking. She then started talking to Brendon about what they should do.
-Dani is in an awesome position, she is playing a great social game and is getting everyone to like her and trust her.  So she is a dangerous competitor.  It's going to get ugly in the house.


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