Big Brother Recapped POV

Jordan is HOH and she has nominated Dominic and Adam to be eliminated since Jordan really feels like Dominic and Adam cannot be trusted. She needs to do what is best for her and Jeff.  Dominic is her main target but she isn't sure she can trust Adam either.  Rachel and Daniele are upset that she made this nomination and are now "questioning" their ability to trust Jeff and Jordan.  FYI the producers love Rachel because she is so emotional and just stirs up drama all the time!!!

Cassi and Dominic talk and it is very apparent they are still working together.  It seems the Regulators are still in action even if they are down and out right now.  Adam has a deal with Jeff and Jordan and he is supposed to throw the Veto competition.

Rachel says that Cassi is a floater and the leader.  Rachel needs to know what the definition of a floater is, and she might be a floater but she can't be a floater and a leader at the same time.  She's either floating along relying on someone else to be the target or to get her through, or she is the leader making big moves and decisions in the house.

Dominic has teamed up with Daniele, which I hope Daniele keeps some of her dad's senses when playing this game so that she doesn't get sucked into the vortex that is Dominic's exiting of this house.  Dominic is still trying to stay and he is throwing his closest allia, Cassi, under the bus.  It's not really a cool move, but I guess that's the move he wants to make and Daniele is a good person to team up with, Daniele also has Rachel on her side so I am sure she will be able to pull Dominic in, but it may be at the expense of Jeff and Jordan, which makes me sad.

The whole motto of this show was "Cassi cannot be trusted!!" That's what everyone said, and Jordan is being bombarded by her own alliance and she is a very nice person but I think this makes it the most difficult part of the game for Jordan.  She seems to have the social game down but because she is so nice and gets caught up in trying to be nice all the time.  There are times in this game that you have to be cut throat.

Cassi goes into the diary room, either before or after her conversation with Jordan, which you can't tell because the editors take things from where ever, and says that she didn't tell anyone she was a model in this game because she didn't want to deal with the petty girl shenanigans of people being jealous of her.  Yes, it appears that people are jealous, (Rachel) but I am a more objective viewer, and I think it's because of her actions that Rachel has decided not to like her.  Cassi is a gorgeous girl, but in week one, Cassi chose to side with Keith and her alliance, which is fine that is her prerogative, but her side lost and had Cassi really talked to the Vets and not been parroting the speech her and Dominic came up with I think she would have been in a better position.  I really don't think it has anything to do with her looks, it's not Brendon or any of the guys besides Dominic are fawning all over her.  I hate the pretty argument, besides she told everyone about her  modeling, not that she is still modeling but that she has modeled all over the world (this was on the live feeds).

The POV competition was a single competition, so one person could win to take off a duo.  Brendon and Rachel were the other duo to compete, I think it may be set up by production, I mean how is that Jeff and Jordan got picked last week, and now Brendon and Rachel get picked this week, something smells set up to me.  Brendon and Rachel talked about using the POV against Jeff and Jordan's wishes, which could cause a lot of problems.  So the gum chewing competition where it showed whether they could chew gum and walk at the same time.  Jordan fell off first and said that she was going to take two weeks of slop to join back in, but Jeff told her not to, because she wasn't going to win anyways.  Rachel got pissed and said "well if the HOH isn't going to take the slop pass maybe they shouldn't even be competing." Jordan didn't hear her, but Jeff did and Jeff got pissed.  It caused a big rift in their alliance, and it didn't help them because Jordan sat down, Rachel fell off took the slop, and then Rachel fell off again.  Then Dominic wins the Veto anyways.  I did not like his celebration in the Diary room, it was annoying.  Ok I will admit that I do not like Dominic.  Then the blow up happened between Jeff and Rachel.  Brendon tried to diffuse the situation and told Rachel that she wasn't playing smart, that she had to take the emotions out of the game.  The funniest part was when Rachel went into the tree to cry.  She is so dramatic, and she was in the wrong, she can't say things like that she has to play smart.  Jeff is right as well, because she wasn't going to win, why should she punish herself with slop??

So then Dominic used his POV on him and Adam, so Jordan had to nominate another duo.  There was much talk in the house.  The possible scenarios were putting up Cassi and Shelly, putting up Kalia and Lawon or back dooring Brenchel.  There were lot's of conversations, but in the end Jordan put up Cassi and Shelly to go along with her alliances wishes.

What you didn't see in this episode....
-Cassi and Shelly did talk to Jordan about back dooring Brenchel, but they did not talk to Jeff and Jordan about it.  They only put the bug in Jordan's ear, but they didn't push the issue.  Cassi and Shelly didn't go to far into explaining why it was a good idea, they just gave her the idea.  
-Kalia has become Jordan's shadow, they had a bath together so Kalia could shave her legs, and Jordan can't go two feet without Kalia being underfoot, she is like Jordan's lap dog, so now Jordan has two newbies eating out of her hand, Kalia and Shelly.
-The conversation between Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel was a lot longer than what they showed.  They talked game and decisions and talked about how they needed to work together better and had to keep any disagreements between themselves to themselves so that the Newbies couldn't pick at it break them apart.

Why Jordan didn't backdoor Brenchel....
There are many reasons why you should backdoor a couple or a competitor.... Brendon and Rachel are both strong competitors, they have a proven track record of winning, and Brendon has a lot of game smarts in this game.  Rachel if she could keep her emotions in check she would do much better.
But the truth is Brendon and Rachel have larger targets on their back with the rest of the house guests, it would not be ideal to give either Brendon or Rachel a golden key, because they would still be around to compete for two more weeks, and many things could happen in the individual portion of this game.  With that duo removed, Jeff and Jordan become the largest targets in the house.  It would also show that Jeff and Jordan are only loyal to Jeff and Jordan and they will always be a flip risk when the numbers are advantageous for them to switch.  So that is why it was smart that Jordan did not backdoor Brenchel, give it two weeks when the golden key is not in play then try back dooring them.


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