And guess who got Evicted????

So let's recap this show as CBS wants us to see it.

They stress how the Vets were in jeopardy, because Dick left.  In a numbers game, definitely they were at a disadvantage, but truly they were at the advantage for having been in the game.

The nominees both thought they were safe, they both thought they had the votes, and in actuality only one of them did simply because of the pure persuasive genius that is the Vets game MO.  The nominees decided to be amicable, and after the many blow ups Keith orchestrated this week, so they buried the hatchet so to speak.  The Regulators alliance decided to stick together to get Porsche out of the house.

The Vets left panic mode and started to think straight. The realized they didn't need all the house, they needed only one.  So they began to step up their social game and started interacting with the newbies.  Jeff even admitted to whoring himself out to get the vote by any means necessary.  Dominic was the only one who questioned what the Vets were doing, and didn't look like he was ever having fun unless they were playing his Big Booty game.

There was trouble in paradise when Rachel drank too much and called Brendon Bookie and then the other house guests (Dominic) started calling Brendon Bookie.  Brendon then proceeded to talk down to Rachel ( not all of this was seen in the episode) about her behaviour.  Rachel was intoxicated, though they showed the less obnoxious parts on the episode.  They showed on the episode they made up but it was a much more in depth fight than CBS showed.

There was all kinds of game talk happening.  The Vets talked to Shelly and Adam to swing them onto their side.  Cassi talked to Kalia, Shelly and Adam to get their votes to keep Keith.  Cassi had good points but I wasn't buying what she was selling and she is not very persuasive.  When Shelly asked what was in it for them for keeping Keith, the only thing Cassi could come up with was that he would be a target that both sides would go after once he was out of safety.  Huh, really Cassi, sometimes you should just smile and look pretty, because when you make asinine comments like that you sound ridiculous, no one wants to piss off competitors to keep a possible target in the house.

Then there was a real bethos moment in the house when Dick sent his message to the house guests telling them why he left.  Julie asked Daniele to comment on it, but it was really right on the spot and Daniele got all tongue tied.  Julie asked if Daniele loved her dad, and it was seriously awkward.  She addressed her feelings in the diary room, but couldn't address it in he room in front of everyone.  Daniele looked like she couldn't even focus on her dad's message when he was giving it, like she was fighting some emotional response.

The live vote went down like this Lawon, Cassi, Adam and Dominic voted to keep Keith; Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Daniele, Shelly and Kalia all voted to keep Porsche so Keith was evicted.  He was surprised and his eviction definitely sent shock waves through the house.  There was a lot more paranoia in the house with who voted with who, and the newbies were scrambling to plead their case, especially after the HOH competition.  I digress though, while Keith spoke with Julie, you found that he was quite surprised by the outcome.  Keith threw the Veto competition and trusting in the people in the house, why do people do this.  Keith was played by his fellow players in the house.  The good bye messages to Keith were interesting.  Cassi said he was playing the dating game, Lawon said he was a ticking time bomb and that he exploded which is why he was outside the house. Rachel said they flipped the script and used the newbies against him, Porsche pointed to her shirt for her final message and told him he could look by he couldn't touch.

The HOH competition was a golf competition, the closest to the first hole was the winner.  Rachel got to select the order of the competitors. She sent all the newbies first followed by the Vets, Jordan, Jeff then Brendon.  Dominic went first and got his ball in the six hole, the rest of the newbies went and one by one the sent their balls into the pool, until Kalia, she was the last newbie and got her ball into the six hole as well.  Jordan was next her strategy was not to get it into the first hole, but to just get it passed the five hole, and she DID.  She got hers into the third hole and knocked out Dominic and Kalia.  I was so excited, then Brendon and Jeff threw the competition and let Jordan win her HOH.  They just didn't try to eliminate her so Jordan is the next HOH!!!

Now for what you didn't see in the house!!!

-Kalia and Shelly were working in secret with the Newbies, they were going around the house talking to Lawon, Dominic and Cassi saying they were going to vote for Porsche to leave.  They did very well Kalia even went to Shelly and Shelly to Kalia at one point and were playing their spiel on each other.
-Brendon and Rachel's fight was much bigger and more involved than they showed.  Cbs definitely sugar coated that, but they are still showing Rachel in not the most positive light.  
-Keith thought he was going home at certain points, but still trusted that his regulators had enough influence on their partners to swing all the votes!!
-The house guests got to practice on a similar putting green for two days.  When it first came out they all practiced lot's of them could get it in the close holes, but Jordan was the only one to consistently get it into the holes at the end consistently.  She was very good at the game, better than Jeff and Brendon.  So Jeff and Brendon may not have tried very hard, but I don't know if they could have beat Jordan on the long putt, if it was reversed, Jeff was really good at the close putts.  
-One of the other problems in the house is Porsche turning into Rachel's shadow.  She follows Rachel around everywhere she goes.  Especially when they are drinking!!!  

*Spoiler Alert*
Cassi and Dominic think that Lawon and Kalia are the two newbies that switched.  They are very paranoid and Cassi and Rachel come to heads a bit based on Cassi being upset that Porsche didn't leave.  I am sure some of it was shown on Showtime after dark.


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