Big Brother Update!! *What you didn't see*

So after getting home today, from going to the NKOTBSB concert in Calgary last night I sat down to watch Big Brother.  Here is a recap on what's happened in the first two episodes.

Everyone came into the house there were 8 new people and 6 vets.  Everyone was paired off, the 8 new people chose a partner from their group and the 6 vets were previous people who ended up playing the game together.  The partners broke down like this Keith and Porsche, Shelly and Cassi, Lawon and Kalia and Adam and Dominic for the newbies, then we had returning partners, Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan and Evel Dick and Daniele.  Right away I joined up with team Vets, I love all the vets, they were my favorites on their original seasons.  Yes even Brendon and Rachel, they provided all the drama I wanted in my life!!

Rachel then one the Head of Household.  After talking with the vets and forming a tight 6 alliance they worked out a deal on how to evict the Newbies.  Dick really worked out the deal because he is probably the best strategist in the house.  He came up with the plan to put up Porsche and Keith and vote out Keith because Keith seems strong and very eager to play.  There are probably other reasons but we were not privy to all of them, so if Evel Dick reads this and wants to comment, please feel free!!! Which brings us to this third episode!!  Oh yeah and 4 of the newbies created an alliance called the Regulators... I don't know if we will see much of them....... *spoiler alert*

Porsche is a little upset, she thought she had made a deal to keep her and Keith safe and they would just vote with the Vets on another couple in the house.  What she didn't know is that the Vets want to alienate each couple so that they have one of each couple on their side while the other is left with the Newbies.  Basically, they are siding with all the Newbies who are not in the four way alliance of the Regulators.

Then disaster strikes the house, Dick goes into the Diary room and goes missing for hours.  On the live feeds Daniele gets upset because no one is telling her what is going on. Dick, by his own admission, and by what Daniele and everyone else says about him lives, breathes and is Big Brother. His missing extends to he is not coming back, something happened in his personal life that forced him to decide to leave the game.  It was detrimental to the Vets' alliance.  Now they are down by 3 players and one of their players has a Golden Key so can't help them in competitions like HOH and POV, and really Daniele is a great competitor, she would have won her season if Dick hadn't. ( I know stating the obvious)  When the house learns of Dicks departure you get a good view of the division within the house.  The vets all go upstairs and comfort Daniele, and the Newbies all hang out downstairs.  Keith has a huge smile on his face and this upsets the Vets and some of the Newbies.  Loved the Jeff was the voice of reason when giving the Vets his pep talk!!! (1)

Paranoia is rampant in that house, especially for those who are on the block as they watch the other people in the house talking to the 'enemies'.  Keith decides he is going to call out Porsche and Kalia for talking to the Newbies.  He says he is going to be a "hero", seriously I don't think he has ever watched a season of Big Brother because if he had he would know that people that try to call out other people become person non gratis very quickly in the house.  The rest of the house begins to see Keith as a ticking time bomb and insane.  The Newbies try to calm him down but he is like a freight train.  So then that is putting a bit of dent in his Regulator alliance. (2)

During the POV, both Porsche and Keith decide to throw it, but they aren't telling the other, sadly they did better than Jeff and Jordan.  Jordan didn't want to do the puzzle but she wouldn't have been able to lift Jeff up to do it.  They were cute.  (Yes I have a Jeff and Jordan biases)  Rachel and Brendon ended up winning, but they are crazy good at competitions so I wasn't surprised.

So after winning Brendon and Rachel have to decide if they need to use the POV. They talk with all the house guests up in the HOH room, very godfather style as Kalia stated, and try to find out where they are at in their game playing.  They decide they don't know if they trust Cassi, but decide most of the others are on the up and up (HA).  Brendon told everyone the same thing, like they were going to hire a hit man if they didn't do what he was offering.  It is what it is... but it was funny... I don't think they should have talked to them as couples, they should have just spoken to 4 of the Newbies, the 4 they really "trust" or feel they could trust, but that's just my voyeuristic observation.  It ends that Brendon and Rachel decide not to use the POV and the funniest thing is that Keith and Porsche are both happy about it because they are sure they are staying.  LMAO let the drama begin!!

Now for what you didn't see, just some highlights I saw or read about!!!

Now what you didn't see on the show.  Brendon and Rachel had a fight and even talked about leaving the show as well. As things appeared to be stacked against them again, Brendon and Rachel were not sure if it was worth it.  Everyone in the house was concerned they might quit too, and Shelly even said that they would have been sad if they had left.  

Keith had a huge blow up in the house.  He told everyone that the game was a big scam and big scheme, and he attacked Kalia and Porsche for their loyalty.  Then Kalia said that Lawon was the one throwing Keith under the bus, and Keith called him out.  Keith then told Porsche that he was working out a deal with Brenchel for them to use the POV on them to save them both. Porsche then stirred the pot by telling Rachel, Keith says you are going to save him.  Implying that they were going to get rid of her, Rachel then approached Keith and called him on it, and Porsche denied what she said, saying Rachel misunderstood. It turned into a big thing, and it was the topic of conversation for much of the week. (or at least until the POV ceremony)

You also would have missed the Big Booty game that Dominic taught the house. (picture myself shooting myself in the head with my fingers, funny for 2 minutes then annoying)  You also would have missed the house guests drinking and playing with Franklin the Turtle.  I am glad to see that some of the house guests know how to use their imagination to pass the time without the television, books, or a computer!!!

Now for my predictions. 
 I predict that Keith will go home, he seems to be alienating himself from everyone.  He is going off on everyone, and trying to start fires amongst everyone.  He isn't just sitting back quietly trusting in his alliance.  
 Also I am predicting that the new Ryan Reynolds movie is going to be the movie they will get an opportunity to win a viewing of!!
Let's see what happens tonight, happy viewing!!!  Cross your fingers that Jeff or Jordan wins HOH!!!


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