Live Feeds for Big Brother *no spoilers*

So while Little Man naps I am using my time wisely to watch the live feeds. They are so boring.  Seriously, it's like watching a real life sims game.  Maybe that's why I like Big Brother so much???

Anyways lot's is happening and will be seen, at least the exciting parts, on the upcoming episodes.  Should be a good time.  My one complaint though, is why are you focusing 4, FOUR, cameras on Jordan doing her make up, with Jeff watching and they aren't talking, while there was a bunch of house-guests in the kitchen conversing.  That's at least a little more exciting then watching J & J sitting in the bathroom.  Whoever is in control of the cameras, PuhLease!!!

I also think that whoever is monitoring the cameras today is in LOVE with J & J.  They are following them around everywhere.  Nope scratch that it's Jordan they are in love with.  Why follow her into the storage room to watch her put bread away, when EVERYONE else is in the kitchen???

Oh well here is to a great summer of Big Brother viewing!!!


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