The Summer is stretching before us.

I look out at what's going to be happening this summer, and there is so much coming up that I don't even know how I will fit it all in.  The biggest event is obviously the wedding, but there are some precursory events that are coming up that I am really looking forward to.  But I have a lot of work to do to be prepared for all these events.  Things I must finish and organize so that I can be prepared for the big 'I DOs" and all that comes after it, not to mention I have to continue to apply for jobs and stuff.

Some of the things on my to do list include finishing favours, ordering m&ms, finding table clothes for the tables, order the cupcakes for the wedding, apply for jobs, apply for EI (gag me), and making all my other plans daily activities for Lil Man.  It seems like a long to do list, but really most of those things could be completed in a morning, and in all actuality I applied for jobs and applied to EI this morning.  Lil Man and I will be doing playdates and various free activities all summer but I need to start phoning people to arrange these things, as long as it is nice expect us to be outside.

Some of the things I am really excited for are the visitors from out of town coming for a visit.  I am going to have 4 visitors from the west coast coming for a visit.  My friend, Laleh, will be down for my Stagette, or that's the plan anyways, I am very excited to have her at this event.  Also Alex, James and Oscar are coming from California to visit around the time of my stagette.  Besides my father no one from California has come up to visit me and I am really looking forward to showing them around Alberta.  Then we may even be caravan-ing down to Cali with them or at least part of the way.

I also have a concert to go to this summer, in 6 days actually.  It's a NKOTBSB concert at the Stampede, very exciting.  I am not much for fairs anymore but I do enjoy the Stampede.  I will be going the concert with my friend Becky.  I am also hoping to meet up with my friend Tara who is going to the concert as well.

It is all going to fly by so fast and then I will be looking at September trying to decide what I want to do for the school year.  Do I want to just sub or do I want to attempt to get a contract somewhere?  What if it involves moving?  There are many things to consider, but I have faith that they will all work out.


  1. yay for nkotbsb!! i can't wait to see you!!!!


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