Cat Person

I am totally a cat person. I love cats, they are so cuddly and cute and, most importantly, independent.  But Chandler is allergic to them so until he was at an age in which he could choose whether he wanted to live a life where he might have to take allergy medicine daily or not.  So we talked about it as he is 12 now and I asked if he wanted to have a cat.  Without pause, he said he did, Chandler, too, is a cat person.

So we went out and got ourselves a cat to add to our family.  And here he is, (we initially thought it might be a girl, but it wasn't it's a boy).  We named the cat Bast, which is the name of the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, but I think it will stay even if he is a boy. It's not like he will know really and Bast could be one of those Uni-sex names right??


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