Big Brother Recap Alliances??

So what did you think??  It was an interesting episode that's for sure, but not something I didn't expect to happen.  I mean who couldn't see the Vets joining up and the newbies joining up in large alliances.  It seemed rather predictable.

The Quest for the Golden Key, seems interesting, I mean it's like Brenchel said, The Golden Key are now the Floaters life vests.  And the newbies, are so excited about this golden key.... Lawon comparing it to Charlie and Chocolate Factory, so funny.  But it is true, and the vets are at an advantage, they know the game and how to work the game to their advantage, the newbies are at an advantage because they have the numbers if they can stick together. (hear ominous music that predicts a demise of the newbies).

Then there was Evel Dick, I mean he joins up with Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan.  The vets are banded together they know they have to stick together in order to have a chance to survive.  Evel Dick says they need to bring in one or two newbies to get the numbers.  It is a good idea especially if they can get the right newbie on their side.  Who would be the right newbie though?  Brendon agrees and says that they need to turn the newbies against each other, thanks for finally seeing how to play the game Brendon, hopefully you can keep it up until the final 8.

Then we have this other alliance developing, the Regulators, which is made up of Dominic, Lawon, Keith and Cassi.  Each of these are playing with someone else on their team. Dominic is with Adam, Lawon with Kalia, Keith with Porsche and Cassi is with Shelly.  Now it's a good thing that they will have three votes if one of them is on the block, but that's not enough to save them.  And their little handshake, thanks Cassi, was friggen stupid.  Dominic thinks he's the next Hayden, and he just doesn't have the charisma to do it.  And if Cassi thinks she is on top of the four she is just the next Brittney casualty.

They spent a lot of time talking to Porsche (seriously I hate her name) and then they talked to Adam.  Porsche is the better choice of who to pick out of Adam and Porsche, but I don't know if she is the best choice.  I personally think that picking Shelly would have been the better option.  I think Shelly has a better game head and she won't be as paranoid as anyone else in the house.  I mean I only know this from what I saw, but she strikes me as the type.

Now then Rachel, is HOH and has to make nominations.  They pegged Keith and Dominic as threats, people that would challenge their domination over the house.  Keith is very strong, but seems like a bit of loose cannon, and seems to know the game, but didn't pick his partner too wisely.  Dominic is smart and strong as well, so then, and seems to have a good social game.  This is definitely a 24/7 game, and you have to be careful what you say.  As we saw Rachel put up Portia and Keith.  It was probably the best idea, Keith was talking game right away.

The Haves and Have Nots competition was interesting. Keith was funniest thing to watch in this competition, seriously, he was like humping his partners.  He was just bouncing up and down on all of them.  It seemed to be a good idea, they came in second with the team of Vets coming in first.  It seemed like a close race at first but then the Vets just pulled ahead by a jug and won, the team that lost was like 2 jugs behind.  Not good.  Lawon's line was the best, he was "in a milky beautiful sandwich".  Adam's line about looking into Keith's big black eyes while he was on top was funny too.

But what do you think of their padded room.  That would be a nightmare to sleep in, the lights have to stay on and the walls are padded.  Shelly commented that during the competition she felt like she was in a 'women's prison fight' and that couldn't have been more apropos, considering the Have Not room is a cell and she was on the team that became have nots.  It would make me crazy.

Now that's all that really happened this episode, until the end.  The cliffhanger that we are left with is that  'what happens when one house guest threatens to leave'.... umm threatens??  Nope there was no threatening, Evel Dick did leave, for "personal reasons".  So what's the going to mean for the Vets alliance?  How will this play out with the rest of the house and what will the other house guests do in forming alliances? Can Keith and Porsche keep from freaking out and be able to campaign to stay in the house through the next week.  From what I have seen the drama is going to entertaining, and not without controversy.

Funniest season of the night was when Brenchel were in the HOH room talking about plastic surgery and botox.  Rachel believes in plastic surgery, Brendon thinks she is 'the most beautiful person on the planet inside and out'.  (gag)  And he said she paid good money for her teeth and she was so insulted because she said they were 100% real.  Brendon then said he would like to have 4 arms (are you ridiculous man) which was a stupid argument, and Rachel shut him down saying that would be fine.


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