Big Brother 13 my guilty pleasure

So Big Brother has started again for another season and again I have the live feeds so that I can see what happens before it's shown on television.  But like my favourite Big Brother interviewer, Ross Matthews, I will not post spoilers on here.  What I do want to do is post so this is what they didn't show recaps after each episode.  Since cameras are going 24/7 there is a lot of footage that will hit the editing floor each week, but sometimes things get passed over that are important for the viewers.  It is something that Survivor editors are forgetting which makes my fall/ winter guilty pleasure a little unbearable.

So here is a run down on what happened on tonight's episode.

This is season 13, which I am going to call Dynamic Duo season.  The first twist of the season is that the 8 newbies had to each pick a partner to play the season with, or at least a portion of the season with.  This partner would be safe if you won HOH and you would be safe if they won.  Also they are not nominating separate people but partners for eviction, partners that would have to campaign against each other to stay in the house.  It wasn't said but I am guessing that if POV is won, and used, then a new partner would be put on the block, and not a separate person.

This is Adam, he is a "heavy metal teddy bear".  His favourite Big Brother player was Evil Dick.  He believes that he can win.  When he was doing his first shots he was rocking out to metal then drinking martinis with some girls, it was a little disconcerting.  If he can keep things toned down and win he could go far.

He partnered up with Dominic.  Dominic is a student from California.  He lives with his mom but is an adrenaline junkie.  Also he claims he is a virgin which means that though he's cute he's likelihood of having a showmance has diminished.  He is not really happy with being partnered up with Adam, pretty sure he may throw him under the bus.

Next we have Lawon.  He seems to be the token 'gay' guy of the season.  Very flamboyant and very into style.  He is wearing a bright jacket today.  Honestly I don't know much about him besides what I saw.  I tried not to watch too many videos because I don't want to come up with an opinion until I have seen them in action.  Because, honestly, they are all going to put their best smile forward so you like them in interviews.  It's how they behave and interact with the other house guests that interests me.  He paired up with Kalia, who was the last one left.  It totally felt like a school yard pick.

Kalia, which is not like Kahlua (duh) is a blogger!!! Yeah for her, she blogs on sex and relationships says she is the real Carrie Bradshaw.  Umm, maybe not quite, but in job description I can let it go.  I can't find her blog and she has closed all her other social media accounts to outside viewers, not like she could approve me anyways since she is confined to the house, but if I do find it I will post it here one day.  She is not impressed with being Lawon's partner, her diary session "thanks" eye roll.
Keith was an eager beaver tonight, when he was told to get a partner he jumped right up and almost pounced on Porsche to be his partner.  Keith is a youth minister and a Deacon at his church, but he is telling everyone he runs a match making firm with his twin brother.  He wanted to run a four way alliance with himself and three girls, calling themselves Keith's Angels, to make it through the game.  He says his game plan has been ruined but I don't see that.  So like I said Porsche is his partner.

Porsche, who has been named after the car, is a VIP cocktail waitress but is telling everyone that she is a student.  I hate when they start out lying about stupid things too.  Like it matters, but maybe it does.  She doesn't want to be considered like Jen (the girl who cried over her photo saying it was ugly *eye roll*).  She doesn't seem too vapid but I am not sure about her game play yet, we will see how it goes.
Shelley is a mother, wife and outdoors woman from the south.  She seems opinionated and outspoken, but from her interviews it seems like she has a head on her shoulder, so she could go far.  She partnered up with Cassi, and they seemed to click right away, it could be a good move.

Cassi is a model, but she is saying she does something else. She reminds me of Olivia Wilde, not sure what it is exactly but that's who she reminds me of.  Se claims she is a tomboy but I guess we will see what happens as the season goes on.

The second twist of the season was that three power couples came back into the game.  I am not sure how I feel about this, I mean I either loved or hated the power couples of seasons past so if it's someone I love then I may not really care about the newbies, because I want to see my favourites win.  So who came back.... Brenchel, yes Brendan and Rachel that disgustingly sappy couple from last year.  Apparently they are engaged now, I honestly think it's a ploy to say, "seeeee we stayed together."  Then my FAVOURITE couple of all times came back Jeff and Jordan.  They are so sweet and cute, love them!! I hope Jeff wins this season. (see I already don't really care about the 8 that came)  And finally there was Evel Dick and his daughter Daniele.  Apparently of the three super couples, Dick and Daniele aren't talking so that could work in the favour of the Newbies, but only if someone capitalizes on it.

So they had the first HOH competition and the house guest were in their partners riding bananas.  Can you say phallic reference? Anyway, surprise surprise, Rachel held onto her banana the longest, seems the game does imitate life.  As she has been holding onto Brendan's banana for a year now, even after he sent pictures of it to other women.  Daniele gave Rachel the HOH, I like Daniele not her father, so I hope it works out for her.

As for the final twist, of the couple that gets nominated, the person that stays gets a Golden Key, and is guaranteed a spot in the final 10.  Which means that whoever gets nominated is nominated for the person you want to see around in the end, not who actually goes home.  It will be the person who is going to most benefit your team in an individual game as opposed to the partner game.

Live feeds start at 10 pacific time, so I will start watching tomorrow to take notes for Sunday's episode.  That will just be a get to know them and see what kind of drama is unfolding.  I will see if I can find things that they don't show that can help clear up decisions that the HOH makes and the other houseguests.  Well happy viewing, and hope this has been entertaining and informative.


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