On July 13th, NKOTBSB was in Calgary for a concert.  My friend Becky and I went to the concert together.  I had another friend, Tara who also went but she sat in another section.  Becky and went to the concert a little early to find our seats, while we were getting settled into our seats, these two girls, ladies, came up to us to see if we wanted to have floor seats.  Turns out that Zabrina, had two tickets for her mom, but her mom was unable to come and she couldn't sell them so we were lucky enough to get them.  I was super excited I haven't been to very many concerts and I have never had floor seats.
 The opening act for the show were Neverst and Mr. Schuster from Glee. I can't remember his real name lol.  Both acts were excellent, Neverst was a surprise, and they are signed with Howie from the BSB.   Mr. Schuster's act was great, he did a lot of covers and some of his own material, I would like to get some of his songs for my ipod, they would definitely be worth it.  The only one I didn't enjoy was Golddigger, twas awkward watching him do that song.
 Then the main act came on the stage.  NKOTBSB!! The got the crowd cheering and chanting and it was a fantastic concert.  I was so glad I had brought my P100 with me so I could take pictures to remember this event.  I was taking pictures through the opening acts, after Neverst, one security guard from Patman security told me I could take photos but I couldn't take video, I was like ok, but wanted to quip back at him if they were telling everyone with an iphone and blackberry this as well?  Seriously, how stupid are people now a days.

The first two songs were over when I felt a rough tap and yank at my arm.  I  turned to my right ready to yell at the girls beside me, when I noticed that it was an Asian guy in a Patman security uniform.  When he had my attention he roughly told me, "Put that away" pointing his fat finger at my P100.  I looked at him and said, 'Pardon me."  He repeated his instructions, "Put that away."  I then asked him why to which he replied, "It's a professional camera." I then argued with him and told him it wasn't and that someone else had already spoken to me and told me I could take photos just not video.  He shook his head at me and told me "no put it away."  So I rolled my eyes and said fine, then muttered under my breath that I would just take video with my iphone.  I was so pissed off, he was so rude and ignorant.  The guy must have been a roid monkey he couldn't string more than 4 words together if he needed too.  I was so angry but I shrugged it off and promised myself to write a letter to Patman, explaining my interactions with their employees and how they may want to work on their hiring or training so that their guards can tell a professional from a personal camera. 

Regardless, of the little bump I had a fantastic time!! Thank you to Becky for going with me and getting the tickets.  It was a great time!!!


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