POV Episode Recap I hate their editing!!

So tonight's episode was full of editing to create a bigger story. I have been watching the live feeds and reading the spoilers for the creating a timeline for when things happened and there is enough happening in the feeds that I am curious as to why they did these edits, but I guess they have a story they want to tell, which may or may not be the truth.

So the episodes starts with a recap of what happened and some DR sessions with Dani further saying she wants to backdoor JJ.  The next scene is Dom and Adam discussing why they are on the block.  They come up with scenarios as to what could happen, one of them going home,  or backdooring another duo.  They consider Kalia and Lawon, but then Rachel is standing outside the door, she comes in and tells them that this week is not about nominations it's about POV.  So they are to fight for the POV, and then she will have to nominate someone else.

We then see the Jelly Bean Game scene and the bath scene that I mentioned in a previous post that happened before the nominations, so the editing is wanting to tell the story that BR and JJ are coming apart and that their alliance won't last.  After this scene we have Dom coming in to plead his case to BR in the HOH.  He wants to 'work' with BR and Dani, but really he is still all about furthering his own game.  We then see more scenes between Dani and Dom, there is some flirting going on and it's becoming apparent not only to use live feed viewers and the episode viewers, but JJ are seeing it as well.

Next we have the Veto competition, which again I am going to say the bag is stacked, i mean they picked JJ again, really, they have been the only ones competing, how is this even possible??  Rachel then told Dani that Dom is going to throw the Veto, and she got very upset about it.  Dani's desire to get rid of JJ has caused BR to consider that maybe Dani is playing and trying to get into the best position so that she can sit and watch the JJBR war.  But JJBR talk because they want to see where they all are.  It seems like BR and JJ are going to continue working together.

Now we get to see the Veto competition.  The house guests had to pull hairs from a leg and spell out a word.  The had ten minutes to find all the letters they could to spell the longest word they could.  This was Jeff's demon competition in his season with Jordan. But he didn't do to badly this season.  Jordan spelled little, dominic spelled standings, Adam spelled fractions, Jeff spelled excesses, Rachel misspelled moisturizing, she added a U after the i, Brendon spelled understanding, which gave Brendon the Veto to use.  BR were very excited to have won, they love having the power.

Shelly is in an excellent position in the house, the Newbies still trust her and so do the Vets, I think her allegiance is with JJ.  So she goes and tells JJ, who then go up and tell BR, which puts the final nail in coffin.  They continue to make sure Shelly plays both sides, she is a great informer.  It definitely puts stress on the Vet alliance that starts to fracture in a new place, but it is strengthening with BR and JJ.    Jeff and Brendon then talk, and cement their alliance to final four.

Brendon then calls the Veto meaning and decides not to use the Veto, surprised??  Nope not at all.  So then what will happen how do Dom and Adam campaign to stay.... watch tomorrow and wait for my next blog, because there is a lot of stuff happening that you won't see on the live show!!

What you didn't see.....
-Daniele had a long conversation with BR and told them that if they didn't save Dom they were screwing her over.  She says that they told her to go and make the alliance with Dom, and she did, but now they are saying they don't want to work with him so BR are screwing her over. Brendon and Rachel were concerned because why was she so concerned about keeping someone she had just started getting to know and getting rid of someone in her own alliance.  Brendon and Rachel also did not want to do Daniele's dirty work.  
-Jeff and Jordan were very upset with Daniele and didn't talk to her.
-it all culminates into a big house blow up.
-Kalia has now started ignoring Jordan and become Dani's sidekick....


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