Surprising Eviction?!?! Nope....

Definitely saw the eviction coming last night. It was inevitable that Cassi would be evicted in last night's episode.  I was surprised that no one voted to keep her in the house, not even Dominic, but I guess he needed to show that he was loyal to the Vets now, in hopes of saving himself.  I really hope they back door Dominic this week, I am not a Dominic fan.

Shelly was all upset because she was up on the block with Cassi, and didn't want to be the reason she went home.  Shelly had a lot of guilt in being on the block with her, especially since she didn't tell Cassi that she was one of the Newbies who voted out Keith.  I was surprised Shelly didn't tell her in her good bye message, but maybe she did but they just edited it out, so that it would make Shelly look worse.  I don't know.

Cassi took the admirable route and wouldn't campaign against Shelly, which would probably be her final nail.  Sure Rachel wanted her out, but if Cassi had tried to make deals she would have been able turn a few votes her way, I haven't been watching the live feeds much but when I did she didn't campaign.  She did try to smooth things over with Brenchal, but I am a Brenchel fan, so let's just say I took a different view on this conversation then most people.  Cassi tried to clear the air with Rachel in the have not room.  Rachel said she didn't like her game play, and Cassi was against them, and that's what Rachel took against her.  Cassi then said that everyone had said that and that she felt Rachel just didn't like her because she was female.  And I mean come on!! Seriously, that was a stupid argument, both of you had picked sides, Cassi side lost so she started saying Rachel just didn't like her because she was pretty.  I felt that was Cassi trying to place the blame on Rachel for being petty, and Cassi not taking any of the blame for her decisions to stick with the Newbies, and her closeness to Dominic.  Rachel is a terrible arguer, she just sucks, but Cassi lost it and walked out.  Later she tried to clear the air with Brendon to find out why she was such a target.  Girl you came out playing hard, scheming with Dominic and he didn't help you case.  But of course Brendon didn't tell her that, he said they didn't trust them.  Cassi never agreed to be with them, she said that if they said they were going to be with them they were going to be with them.  She didn't actually say she was aligning herself with them.  She is doing a lot of back pedalling.  Brendon definitely didn't trust Cassi and Cassi felt that she was the only adult, I don't think it was a good move on her part.

Rachel had a cry fest with Jordan about her argument with Cassi.  She is a terrible crier, she sounds so fake.  Jordan was so honest with her, and just laid it out on the table for Rachel. Rachel listened to her.  Daniele joined them, and told Rachel to let Cassi call her names and stuff then just let her look bad.  Brendon then advised Rachel to just stay away from Cassi, and it looked like she did for the most part.

Julie then talked to the house guests and remininsed with them the Have Not competition, the Veto and how Dominic won. Then we were treated to a inside look to Adam and Dominic's home life.  It's interesting to see their home life and how they view what he house guests are doing in the house.  It's also nice to know that what I think are game moves, are game moves, like Dominic's flirting with Cassi and now Daniele amd Adam lying low to come out in quizzes, so I don't know we will see how these too do, I hope Dominic goes soon, because for me it would be funny, the house would have annihaliated the Regulators alliance except for Lawon if that does happen.  You don't go against the Vets you try to get a set of Vets on your side. 

The live vote went 9-0 to evict Cassi.  I know is sadden by this, but it was going to happen, as soon as Rachel put her target on Cassi, it was au revior Cassi.  Cassi hugged EVERYONE good bye, even Rachel, which I was surprised by.  I figured she would not hug Rachel, but maybe something happened and Jordan got her wish to mediate a conversation between the two girls.   Then Rachel went to the bathroom and didn't take off her mic so we heard her pee on live television.  Cassi talked with Julie and all the nice things she said about Shelly just made my guts twist for when she finds out that Shelly was a turncoat in the first week.  She even talked about how some girls didn't like her in the house based on her looks, I still disagree with her, I wasn't there, but I don't think that was it, I think it was that she was on one side and they were on the other.

Lastly, we had the HOH competition.  It was based on a survey you could take online at  Julie asked the house guests the questions and the house guests had to answer based on what they thought America answered.  Kalia was the first to be knocked out, then Jeff.  Then two questions later, Adam, Dominic and Lawon were taken out leaving Brendon and Rachel.  They answered two more questions before Rachel won her second HOH.  So Rachel is in charge again, what will she do this week??

What you didn't see.....
-Rachel and Cassi's discussion was much longer than they showed, there was a lot more said, Rachel never said she didn't like Cassi, she always maintained she did not like Cassi's game play. 
-Jordan when talking to Rachel about her argument with Cassi, told Rachel that she had to watch what she said and that she may have got Cassi thinking that because she was so pretty was why some people didn't like her.  Jordan called her out on her behaviour but she did it in a nice way so Rachel didn't get upset. 

My predictions:
Rachel will nominate Kalia and Lawon, because she wants to keep Dani happy, for some reason she is right up Dani's butt for what needs to be done.  Dani is playing a really sneaky game, but she is doing it well.


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