Sunday's Episode..... What you didn't see

Well after much technical difficulty, it seems my pvr is having new issues and I am not a happy camper.  I only caught the first 9 minutes of the episode so I had to wait for the later episode to see what happened.

So Keith was evicted, Jordan won HOH and the Vets were back in control of the house.  Shelly is playing both side, as is Kalia, but no one suspects Shelly they think it's Lawon or Adam who were disloyal.  Now there are a few floundering members of the Newbie team.  They need to break up that Vet alliance but I don't know if they can, and they need to be smart about how they do it.

The newbies had a little meeting and discussed the votes (this is where my cable crapped out the first time grr).  Lawon explained that he was pissed, Dominic called out everyone. Adam said he told them yes but voted against them,  Cassi couldn't understand why Adam would have done that.  Dominic left in the middle of the conversation which raised suspicions with the other Newbies.  Shelly and Kalia were the two turncoats, but they weren't admitting it to anyone.  Rachel then walked in and asked what was going on, she played dumb and got upset because she likes Porsche and didn't like them talking about her that way. (Read more on this later)

Jeff and Dominic discussed the votes, but Jeff would not tell Dominic who they got to swing their votes, Dominic wouldn't tell Jeff the other as well.  Both are playing with their cards close to their chest not wanting to sell other people out.  Everyone is freaking out about what is going on in the house.  Shelly is coaxing people to play individual and not play with their partners.  There is so much dissention in that house it's hilarious.

Shelly has the best seat in the house, she is the one that is playing both sides well, she just has to be smart about how she plays because the first whiff they get that she isn't a straight shooter, then she will be gone.

There was a scene from the show last night after Jordan showed off her HOH room, where Brendon is playing with Franklin (see previous post).  If you are watching closely you can see KEITH is still in the house.  No this is not a twist this is TERRIBLE editing on CBS's part.  I don't know how many people watch just the CBS show and not the live feeds, but all of us who watch the live feeds saw this display 13 days ago in the Big Brother house.  And as for Dominic's DR about the situation, well I just think the DR is set up to help CBS edit the show to the outcome they want.

Adam and Dominic both went up to the HOH room to garner deals with Jeff and Jordan.  Dominic's talk with them was painful to watch, he doesn't know how to play the game, he can't think of ways to help people..... if you can't even come up with ways to go against these vets then don't even offer it makes you look like a pansy.

The Have Have Not competition was also painful to watch.  But I have to hand it to Brendon and Rachel they can really work together and they seemed to have the easiest time of it.  I don't know exactly what happened to Kalia, but I think she was nursing her failure to compete in hopes of triggering Rachel's sympathies so she would stay off slop.  If that was her plan she did well.

Jordan was being told to put up Cassi and Shelly but she decided to put up Adam and Dominic.  I think that's a better move, as Shelly is already willing to work with Jordan and Jeff, they need to get Adam or Dominic to work with them as well, so they can build their secondary team when it comes time to break apart.

Now for what you did not see on the episode.....
-Rachel and Cassi had a big fight, it was a lot bigger than what they showed on the air.  It was Rachel going out and plumping her feathers and showing the Newbies that she still had power and they were in trouble.  It wasn't a kind thing to do, but I think Rachel thrives on that drama.  I still like her and I think Cassi has it out for Rachel and is a bit bitter because things didn't go her way.
Whatever, I think they both need to grow up and put their prides aside and admit they are both in the wrong.
-Jordan is a good HOH, although she spent a lot of time in her HOH room and didn't interact with people.  She hasn't been without company though, Kalia seems to be attaching herself to Jordan much like Porsche attached herself to Rachel.  Maybe if Dom and Adam win the POV, Jordan should just put up Kalia and Lawon and give Kalia the golden key.
-Ok the Franklin thing pissed me off.  Especially because you could see Keith in the background. I mean if their wasn't much happening in the house then maybe you should have shown how Brendon and Jordan and Jeff had to talk Rachel down after the fight with Cassi.  Spend more time on what's happening and don't create DR sessions to help with your editing.
So that's about it.  I am off to watch Harry Potter some more so I can go see the new movie this week.  My life isn't all BB just most of it right now!!


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