Gym Goals for January: a look back

I have this great new planner that I bought at Michaels, I had one last year and started using it then but now it's taken over my organizing life.  It's great and I love it! It's helped me plan out my financial habits, my gym habits and all the activities in my life.  So this is where I was at the end of last year.  There wasn't as much movement as I had wanted I definitely didn't stick to my healthy eating as much as I could have, but there were no serious back slides and I did have some movement.

In December I changed my weight loss goal, I have a big goal, but each month I didn't make that goal, it became discouraging even though I had made it a portion of the way there.  So right before Christmas I wanted to lose 6-7 pounds I gave myself 4 weeks to do that and I did it.  Even through Christmas I have kept that weight off, so my jeans still love me.

I reset my goals in January deciding I'd like to lose 2 pounds per week for a grand total of 8 pounds in January.  This would mean being stricter with what I eat and snack on and what I do in my spare time.  (this is where the planner comes in)  I am able to plan my gym activities ahead of time, I can record what I eat (and i use my fitness pal app for this as well) and I can record my water intake and stuff.  Here is my before picture.

The first week wasn't has productive as I would have liked, I can make all kinds of excuses but the fact was I didn't put much energy into it. I got out twice to exercise but I did eat ok, I lost 6 inches and half a pound, so I have my work cut out for me the next three weeks.

The second week the scale moved more but, the inches were less.  I could totally over analysis this but I am not going to.  Every small step is a step towards progress and I am 6.3 pounds away from my January goal! I've got this and I'm so excited for it!  Total pounds loss 1.2 pounds and 4.75 inches!

My third week was much better.  I lost over 2 pounds, which the goal is 2 pounds a week so that was positive.  I was able to get to the gym 4 times and I am starting to have a lot more energy! I was also down another 4 inches.

Final full week of January was interesting! I am not feeling like myself and anytime I can find an excuse not to do something I run with it, but I am working very hard to get that changed.  I still saw losses, I lost 1.7 pounds and I was down another 4 inches.

Here is my final composite pictures form all angles, next month I am going to do weekly updates with food and exercise just to see where I may need to put in more effort (diet) and where I can change my routines (different exercise habits).

I've added this one specifically because I felt it showed the most results! It's a beautiful body and it's just getting healthier!


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