California Trip 2017

Way back in November during the fall break I jumped on a plane solo and flew to visit friends and family in California. I hadn't been back to California since my wedding, so this visit was long, LONG overdue. 

It was a great flight, it was on the smallest plane ever, I think there were a total of 12 rows so we were all in coach, but I was in row two so that was super nice and I was able to read and disconnect from everything around me for awhile.

Upon arriving my California Sister, Alex picked me up from the airport.  It was my first time meeting her husband Ethan and her two young sons.  They were amazing and felt like I'd always known them, and Alex and I got to catch up.

The next day I headed out to see my dad's grave site.  That was a definite bitter sweet moment for me, I realized that having my dad interned so far away from me, limited my ability to seek out his guidance.  That is actually weird to say, because I shouldn't need his resting place to do that, but I felt closer to him there than I have in years.  It made me realize I'd like to have him interned up here, so I could take my boys to see him and to pay our respects to him more frequently.  I mean I could make a shrine or special corner in my house and we do have a little area like that but I just feel like I am missing something, something of his essence.

I was going to be spending the night in Tracy, visiting with Darlene and her kids and Jason and Jeni and there kids.  It was a great evening. We had supper, we played card games, and shared some great laughs. It was a good night, the next day, Darlene and I just hung out until Monica came to pick me up to take me back to San Mateo.

The next couple of days were filled with tourist things (Alcatraz, I will do a separate blog on this day) and SHOPPING!! I love shopping and they had a new outlet mall open in Livermore and it was amazing.  I didn't actually spend that much money but I could have spent even more hours there because the window shopping alone was amazing.

Then it was a day of relaxing while we waited for the time to take me back to the airport.  It was a great trip, I got to reconnect with all my family and friends, got some great shopping, did something I have never done before and I am so thankful I got to go down there,  I really hope I can go down there again, but a lot sooner than 6 years. 


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