Weekly Update: Exercise and diet update

This week wasn't my most stellar week.  I struggle with road trip snacks, when I go to Saskatchewan I always end up eating snack food that I buy at the gas station or eating at A & W. I did better this time, I didn't buy a meal from A&W I only bought one bag of chips and it took me three days to drink the bottle of pepsi I bought (I used to drink a 600ml in an hour sitting).  So there were some changes for sure, but it wasn't an amazing turn not.

So Sunday we got home from Saskatchewan so there was very little to no exercise. But I did have booster juice and subway instead of fast food so that was a good choice.

Monday---->Protein shake in the morning, salad at lunch, left overs for supper, left overs consisted of fries, fish and carrots.  Snacks included a protein bar and crispers.
            ---->Played Soccer

Tuesday ---> Protein shake, salad for lunch, I don't remember what I had for supper,  I know that I had greek yogurt, strawberries and vanilla protein powder for a snack.
             ----> rest day

Wednesday----> Protein shake, loaded baked potato soup, stuffed pepper, greek yogurt and fruit snack.
                ----> gym day, leg day

Thursday-----> Protein shake, stuffed pepper x2, orange
            ------>rest day

Friday----> waffles, burgers and fries
          ----->gym day, arm day

            -----> gym day full body workout

Obviously, in retrospect, my diet needs more attention than maybe my gym planning, but I also think I need some work planning my workouts.  Man this means I need to spend some real time on pinterest...


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