Friday Five: Sorry guys this one is not of the happiest nature

Today I am going share with you five images in the media that have given me pause, five images that show something more in them each time I look at them.  This post is mostly starting off because of the Florida School Shooting, seriously, another school shooting in the states.

Is anyone really surprised?

1)This is the image I remember seeing back when Columbine happened.  An event so shocking and out of the norm that just seeing the grief on these kids faces, people roughly my own age, I would think that once they could vote they would want something to change, a Columbine law brought forth to protect schools from needless violence.  No one knew what to do back then, and bak then it was two shooters, taking revenge on those that they felt had bullied them, does not make what they did right, but it definitely brought things to discuss, and after Columbine, bullying was a huge topic in all schools.
2) Who remembers Sandy Hook?  Yeah we all do, and I really take offence to anyone who says it was a hoax, look at the girl in the blue you see her raw emotion on her face? No child actor is good enough to fake this, and the other kids reactions in this snapshot, a second of this day, it appears pretty normal from what I have seen of kids in traumatic situations, their little brains do not know how to fully process the severity of the situation.  
 3) This is from the latest school shooting in America.  Teenagers walking in an orderly fashion that very much resembles the Sandy Hook picture.  Some are on phones, most have their heads down, trying to wrap their teenage heads around what the heck just happened.

4) Here's a front picture of those lines, do you see the mirror expressions on the boy and woman's face.  No one every thinks it will happen at their school, no one, because what a horrible thought to live with, if we thought that way we'd have not hope that society could get better! None! Neither of them know how to describe what they have just gone through, and how could they, I can feel for them, I understand the whirlwind of emotions they must be going through but I have no idea what it really must feel like, and I pray I never go through this, because this is absolutely traumatizing. I more so pray that my kids never go through this!

5) This last picture gets me, right in the heart.  the first time I saw it I was like,"OMG she as blood dried on her forehead." I couldn't figure out why she hadn't gone for medical attention, it was a quick glimpse on the gym tv, then they picture came around again and I took another, longer look. It's not blood, this girl had done what my son had done, she'd gone to an Ash Wednesday mass and she still had the cross on her forehead! She's grieving and comforting, and I could really identify with her, and I am at a loss.  

 These school shootings, they need to stop, we need to stop sending out wishes and actually make those wishes for gun control to be a reality. I am happy I live in Canada, I am happy we have gun control here, and for anyone who thinks gun control means there are no guns in Canada, hasn't seen a Canadian Farm. It just means we are responsible, and it's harder for criminals or people that have no business owning guns to get access to them.

*Images used in this blog are from new sites and are not my own*


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