31 day challenge is over

I am struggling with this blog post, like really struggling, I don't really know any quirks of mine that I would classify as weird.  I mean I am certain there are some, but I can't really come up with any. 

So I am simply going to reflect on the last 36 days of blogging.  WOW I am so impressed with myself that I got 36 days of blogging done in a row.  Some of those blogs were WEAK, but I sat down and wrote on all of them.  There were definitely some that had some strength and substance to them which I am totally proud of.  But I am most proud of the fact that I posted something for 36 days in a row.  It was definitely easier having a guide of different posts to write about, to get my creative thoughts flowing and moving forward I may not do one everyday, but I am going to try.  February is only 28 days and we have 5 days completed now, so that means I have to come up with 23 more blogs to complete February.

I believe I can do this, I have a few pictures on my phone that need to be attached to blogs, so we will go ahead and get those started!!

Thank you to everyone for reading!!

I love you all!


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