6 week work out update

I can't believe I'm coming to the end of my six weeks!! It's been great and though I've just been working out and not focusing on diet at all, I've made some significant ground work!!

Now I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be, I do get lazy from time to time, but I do push through and get the exercises done, I just have to set a time in my day and always work out at that time, and if I go to work out class then I need to adjust my schedule accordingly.  And that's exactly what I'm going to do, because I need to be in shape for my kids and for running this half Marathon in August.  August will be here before I know it!! No More Excuses!!

I did say that there has been significant ground work done and that is the truth. I have not stepped on a scale (ok I didn't step on a scale at the beginning but I have since I just don't know if I've lost any weight and I don't actually care) but I have been measuring 10 areas on my body weekly.  I don't have any expectations to see changes, if I do GREAT, if I don't Great, it's just something I can use to see how my progress is coming, without having to focus on the mirror.

Now with those measurements I have lost a total of 23 inches.  I think that's HUGE!! HUGE!!! I mean it would be nice if all those inches were in my chest, waist and thigh areas but they aren't. And because I don't measure against the first week, I haven't actually calculated how much I've lost in each area.  However, we can say I've lost an average of 1.77 inches in all areas (some areas have two parts ie. thighs, calves, biceps).  I am so fricken proud of myself, because I do feel stronger, I know I can do this and I know I will do this and I know it will be nothing but positive for my family!!

So I have a two week hiatus from a regiment routine because of Christmas and travelling for Christmas, but starting the New Year I'll be back at it!! And I honestly can't wait!!! But while on vacation I'll be out running, and during my runs I'll do some other workouts as I find places to do them it's going to be fabulous, now just to conquer the cold!!


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