Crafting Snowflakes

We are preparing to decorate our house for the holiday season and since my Lil Man likes to be involved in all things that I do I had to come up with some crafts that would be easy for him to help with.

Where do I go for all things craft, Pinterest of course! So a checked out a few different snowflake crafts.  The one I liked the most was probably the most complicated when trying to put it together.  It was a popsicle stick snowflake that you could paint. They made these huge snowflakes, but like many things on Pinterest, when you start working on them they turn into an EPIC FAIL!! So I had to come up with a new craft that would be easy for Lil man to help with.  And I really liked the idea of snowflakes!

That's when I saw the pin about different patterns to cut out snowflakes on paper and figured Lil Man would love to colour some paper then cut out different snow flake patterns. And because I would make him colour the paper before we cut it out, I could draw out the craft for a longer period of time. Lil Man is a boy and he's not really keen on sitting still for long periods of time.

I also saw the pin where an adult had taken a painting canvas, put painters tape on it in the shape of a snowflake and let the child then paint the canvas.  I really liked that idea to so then I figured we had our snowflake crafts to get us started in the decorating season. I don't have painters tape and kept forgetting to grab it at the store so I came up with an alternative. I took white glue and did a snowflake design on the canvas with glue and then Lil Man got to paint those snowflake canvases.

First, we got 5 pieces of plain white paper.  Next I had little man pick out his crayons and he coloured  the front and back of 3 sheets of paper, I did two.

Secondly, I cut out the snow flakes, but cutting different designs into the paper.  We carefully admired our work then hung them up on our front window.  Lil Man had to help tape and that's fine he did a great job.

I didn't want to do both crafts on the same day, because what if I ran out?!?!?  We did the painting craft the next day he was home from school for the day. It becomes part of our game playing (he makes me play school).

This one took a little more time to set up, I really don't want him to get paint everywhere, but it was a lot of fun for him.  He painted the canvases and it took some time, while the paint was still wet I added some sparkles to it just to jazz it up!!

Happy holidays!!!


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