Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is a huge family tradition in our family. We usually spend Grey Cup Sunday setting up all the decorations in the house and in the yard.  It's a fun time and Christmas Carols are pumping through the house as we set up the tree, the Christmas Village and the window decorations.  We've done Christmas Ice Balls (food colouring in water and put into balloons to freeze) and we've done snowflakes, and other purchased outside decorations plus hubby always hangs lights.

This year is a bit different, hubby is away working so it's just me and boys.  We started decorating on the Saturday prior to Grey Cup Sunday, I got my Christmas village set up and my partylite votive tree, and the Christmas tree was brought upstairs.  That was about all we did since Lil Man spent Grey Cup Sunday with his grandparents and Chandler had his girlfriend over.

So now we waited until the weekend after Grey Cup Sunday to finish decorating for Christmas. Hubby is still away but I took a bunch of pictures and sent them to him.  We will be doing outside decorations again this year but later on as our house has been hit with a flu bug.

Usually we have two trees, a real one upstairs and a fake one downstairs, but because hubby is out of town almost until Christmas we are opting for only one tree and we've set it up downstairs.  I realized as we were setting up the stockings that I don't have a stocking for Prince T, so now I have to go buy a new stocking, I think I may buy one (a girly, princess one) for me and let Prince T have one of the stockings we already own. I think that's a fair trade off!!

this is how lil man likes to decorate, all the decorations at the bottom together, in a cluster

This is where you will see the Oilers on top this year hahahaha, followed by the Roughriders and finally the Flames

With the help of Chandler the house is pretty much decorated for Christmas!! We have our window decorations up, our tree up, our stockings and the Christmas Village is on display.  I'm starting to get into the Christmas Spirit, and soon I'll get all the gifts wrapped!!


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