a change in the schedule

So I had my whole month of blogs planned out, I wrote what I could ahead of time and agreed to work on the rest as time permitted. Then, Life happened.  One boy needed to go to soccer, one needed to go to soccer and hockey, the flu invaded our house, another boy is teething.  So all that adds up to very little sleep for mommy+no spare minutes in the day = no writing completed. Plus hubby should have been home yesterday but now he's extended another week so what I thought I'd get done by having him home to help out is not getting done, so what does that mean for my poor little blog?

Essentially it means my Christmas holidays will start after this week.  I have three more scheduled blogs ready to go and then that's it until the New Year.  I'll post a couple more blogs in the next two weeks but they won't be daily as I'm going to go on holidays.  I'm going to enjoy the time with my boys, and file away blog entries for the New Year!!

I wish all you my readers a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to interacting with you in the New Year!!


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