Yoga with Nicole

About a month ago my friend Marriann posted that she had just finished a 4 week session of private Yoga lessons with Nicole Schulz.  I really like yoga, but I'm not a yogi and I wasn't clear on my body positions so I didn't know if I was actually doing things correctly or just standing awkwardly in weird positions.  So I thought having some private lessons would be amazing. I emailed Nicole and we got started on our lessons in November.

I loved the lessons!! They were amazing and I felt great after each lesson.  I now have a routine to do that helps strengthen and stretch my body so that I can enhance my training for the half marathon in August.  I'm so excited to have this routine and I love practicing it, I've just have to get more consistent in my practice.

After the first lesson I felt taller, and I just felt more grounded in my life.  I felt a different relaxation take over me but it was very similar to how I feel after I go for a run, I think that's why I like Yoga so much.  It allows you to become very connected with what is happening in yourself.

So here are some of the yoga poses I did with Nicole.

The Pigeon, which is great for stretching your hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

Downward facing Dog, great stretch for the legs again but a great workout for the shoulders.

Forward Lunge, stretches out the hip flexor and quad

Downward facing dog to high plank, works the shoulders and arms

Spinal Twist in forward lunge.

Child's pose (one of my favourites)

Corpse Pose (love ending with this one)

Now I need to find some yoga music to help me do my routines and I'll slowly build my routine so that it last for 30-45 minutes at a time.

I've definitely decided that I'm going to set up a work out area in my basement, with those interlocking matts and stuff, things are going to be great in 2015!!


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