Snow Fort 2014

I'm not a big fan of winter I don't care for many winter sports and I HATE the cold.  Despise, loath, detest the cold, after -15 it's all the same really, too cold to function, in my opinion.  So when I had boys I had to decide, did I move somewhere warm, or did I learn to embrace winter?  I learned to embrace winter.  I still don't like it, but it can be pretty, it can be nice and warming up after being out in the cold is a favourite activity of mine!!

Lil Man loves being outside, he loves being active and he loves the outdoors.  It's not always his first choice, because of the generation he's apart he likes those technology things and covets time with them.  This may be because I limit his use of iPads, computers, video games etc to the weekends and then only for 2-3 hours.  Even TV is limited in the house, so if he thinks he can get me to allow him to watch TV, he'll try to play that game, but once you get him outside, he will stay out until he's cold or until I call him in.

I went out with him after the first snowfall and we built a snow fort in the backyard.  Since we don't have two dogs now the backyard is once again a place for the kids to play in the winter.  Last year with the two dogs it was too hard to play because the one dog did his business everywhere, Sasha only uses the dog pen to do her business.  Now this fort isn't as large as last years fort, but we don't have as much snow yet, so we are working on it.

This snow fort, though, is three rooms, a back yard, a garage and there are three parking spots as well.  In the back yard area Lil Man has his hockey net set up so he has an area to play hockey.  He has parked his little tykes car in the garage and his quad is parked in the parking spots.

We had a lot of shovelling to do that day and Lil Man has decided that the deck is also another fort and he will visit that area as well.

It really is a lot of fun to play with him and it wasn't too cold out.  Any time I can put a smile on my boys face makes it worth it, just have to go out and invest in some good winter clothing to continue our winter adventures!!


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