Fun Snack Time

So I struggle with snacks sometimes. I really want to provide healthy snacks, but sometimes providing fun snacks is ok too.  I just don't have a lot of creativity when it comes to snacks my kids can have and usually I just send them to the pantry to get a pre-packaged lunch snack.  BORING!!

The other day I was thinking of making Ants on a Log for Lil Man.  I don't think he's ever had them, but that's also because he's not a huge fan of peanut butter.  (He's a weirdo, I know lol just kidding).  But then I was thinking what kind of snack could he have using items he likes, I have all these marshmallows from camping that we need to use up before they become pellets and I have some chocolate chips.

That's when I thought of snowmen.  I know I'm all into this winter season right now, it's crazy, we've done snowflakes, snow forts and now we are eating snowmen.  Yup you bet we are.

I took three marshmallows and put them on a toothpick.  Then I added chocolate chips for eyes, mouth/nose, and buttons.  I put them on the plate for Lil Man and when he finished playing outside he had a snack ready to go. He devoured them, he loves marshmallows (Mawshmellows as he calls them)  he wanted more, but 6 large marshmallows is enough sugar for that kid in one day!!

Next time I do this I think I'll just set the ingredients up on a plate and he can build his own snowman.  I'm sure this is part of some very creative momma's Frozen themed birthday party out there, but I figured it was a fun snack!!  I could even add raison, skor bits, twizzlers or smarties to have him create some fun snowmen.  I could even put in shredded carrots if I took the time and he'd add them to his snowmen and would eat them as well.

Now to come up with some more snack items for him to eat at snack time!!


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