Prince T is 7 months

Every month is a new adventure with Prince T!! He's a very happy baby, who loves to explore his environment, but he's taking after his brothers, he's a momma's boy!! It's amazing the advances he's making, he's becoming more engaged each day and trying new things.

His current likes are:
crawling, his brothers, the jolly jumper, playing soccer with Lil man, bananas, raspberries and tuna.

His current dislikes are:
having mom out of his sight, sleeping unswaddled, drinking from a bottle, mushy food.

In this past month he's brought so much joy to our family. He's brought inadvertent laughs,(a full out explosion on his big brother, which his brother called an infestation).  He's started crawling, first is was an army crawl and man could he move, now it's the regular crawl, he's not a fast but he's moving throughout the front room.
He's started to pull himself up on things, trying to stand.  He's started playing with others, which may sound like a strange statement so I'll explain. Babies, for the first part of their life, don't necessarily play back when the bigger humans in their life play with them and at some point they start to play back, so if you pass a ball at them they'll pass it back, or you cover your face and say peek a boo they copy, or two babies sit on the floor and follow each other around as they play where before it was the older baby interacting with the younger one and the younger one sitting there like a stuffed toy.

Prince T met Santa and had a picture taken with him, maybe he'll be my one son that isn't terrified of mascots!

Prince T has been the perfect addition to our little family, I guess it's not really a little family any more.  He's a good mix of his brothers personalities, not as active as Lil Man, but more active than Chandler was at that age.  He is a mover and a shaker but he loves to cuddle like Chandler did.  I look forward to each day, week, month and year to see him grow into a wonderfully caring young man!!


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