Words to Live By

Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.
Jawaharal Nehru

There are many different views on what our life is about.  Is our life predestined or do we get to forged that path as we make decisions in life?  

I have long believed that my life is mine to make.  But like roads, each decision I make will take me down a path with a choice that has been determined before I even make the choice to go down that way.  Much like roads and streets, that lead you to specific intersections, I believe the choices I make are my free will.  I believe that free will exists, that I get to choose my paths in life.  

I think many times in my life I am able to see that I am going down a specific path, a path I could not avoid, but how I travel down that path is up to me.  I am able to choose my outlook on the paths, I am able to choose how fast I get down this path, I have many options and that's where free will comes into play.

I don't believe we are puppets here, with no choice on what happens to us, that no matter what we do things will just work out the way it's been predetermined by God.  I think God probably enjoys watching us muddle through our life to get where we need to be, it must be humourous at times.


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