Growing Garden

I do not have a green thumb.  Nope not at all.  I try and I put in a valiant effort, but most plants I come into contact with seem to die, rather quickly. It's sad really.  However for the past two years I have had a garden in my new home.  (Before I was always renting and had no place to have a garden.) 

It still amazes me that anything will grow when I plant it since nothing I keep in my house wants to stay alive.  Literally, I have had a dozen different plants in pots and they have all hit my compost bin in the past year.  I don't know what I am doing wrong, or how to change it, but plants inside (which I LOVE) and I do not go hand in hand.  My garden seems to be a different story. 

Last year I had a truly successful year.  We had potatoes and peas and tomatos.  It was a late start to planting, but everything I planted grew up and provided for us abundantly.  Well except for the carrots (totally not my fault, my dog dug them up right after planting them) and the cucumbers, (might be my fault, I didn't transplant them well) so I was extremely happy.

This year I have  planted my garden again, and some more flowering plants in pots.  Which stay alive if they are outside it's like when I bring them in they all commit suicide.  It is coming in so great.  I have to get better at wedding, and being able to identify weeds, but I am sure that will come.  


I am so excited when we get back from our wedding we will be eating like kings and queens from the garden it's going to be great!!!


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