Memories of my Father

Today is Father's Day and I am going to write two posts, one for my father and one for the man in my life that is a father in my household.

My earliest memory of my father goes back to when I was 10 years old.

I was staying at his house for a few days while my mother was visiting with my Aunty in Pleasanton.  It was one of the first times I was staying with my dad overnight without my mother there.  Since the divorce I hadn't really seen much of my dad, but I knew who he was.  Since we lived so far away it was hard to really spend lot's of time with him, but I did enjoy the time I did spend with him.

This particular time, I got sick while I was with him.  Not real sick or anything just a head cold or sinus infection. I remember being really stuffed up and uncomfortable.  I think I even had a fever but Dad was on  top of the situation.  He got me some medicine and made me some chicken noodle soup.  He gave me a cool cloth and turned on cartoons for me to watch in bed.  He had to go to work so I had to go to the neighbours house, but it was ok, she was a nice lady who let me have control of the television and fed me snacks and cookies when I wanted them.

When my dad came home from work that day I was feeling better but I was glad to be going back to Dad's house.  I wanted to curl up in bed and watch a new movie he had rented for us.  Dad also brought me a present.  He had stopped off at the mall and brought me a friend to help make me feel better.  My friend was Dr. Be Well, a teddy bear from a toy store.  He was a brown teddy bear in green doctor's scrubs.  He had a hat and face mask.  I loved Dr. Be Well.  It was the first gift I remember getting from my dad.  I treasured Dr. Be Well, and though I have misplaced his entire outfit, I still have Dr. Be Well in my possession.  He was my first collected teddy bear and I am happy to share him with my children.  I can only hope he brings them as much comfort as he brought me while I was sick all those years ago.


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