What's the point????

So I am not sure what the point is anymore.  It's super frustrating to be perfectly honest.  I mean what's the point of vandalism???  Is there a point or is it just the point that the person is angry and needs to break something of someone else's??  Maybe that's the point, but I bet it didn't make them feel better.

I was opening my blinds this afternoon to let in some late light into my front room.  Usually I open them earlier but I was being a cave dweller today so I didn't. Then while I was on the phone I opened my front window.  As I opened the second blind, I saw a hole in my window.  Yup a big old hole in the window.  I was rendered speechless.  Then I checked the last window and ANOTHER hole in my window.

They  are double paned windows so they only broke the outer pane, but still need to get those windows replaced.  It's going to be a big pain in my butt, especially with the wedding and stuff.  Hopefully, since we have a police report on it, it won't be so bad and our insurance will help cover part of the cost.  It should be covered under vandalism, so that should help with the cost, but my insurance had better not  rise. 

But really why do people vandalise?  I don't  even get graffiti, no matter what it's not pretty, or better  for the view, it's just a mark of someone trying to make a statement where they shouldn't.  Vandalism sucks!!!


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