Vancouver Trip 2011: Day 3 Sunday

I am not one to sleep in, not even when I am on holidays.  It's a terrible vice that I have, getting up early, but it is what it is, so sleeping in is not something I get to do or am allowed to do very often.  But surprising this day I did sleep in, I did not become a moving human being until 10 am Vancouver time, that's like 11 my time.  It was crazy.

I would like to say that we spent the rest of the day trolling through Vancouver but that's not the case.  I know that there are many things to see, but I am of the belief that you don't just rush through seeing things you take you time and really enjoy them.  My friend really wanted to take me to the Flea Market so that's where we spent the morning.  After a quick meal of scrambled eggs we were on our way to the Flea Market.  I find Flea Markets an interesting place.  There are some definite gems that you can find there but you have to be willing to put in the time to shift through the junk that is ever present there.  And the other people who go to Flea Markets can be as interesting as the things you will see.  I like Flea Markets for finding those big finds for cheap, those bigger ticket items that you want or you want a vintage piece so it's fun to peruse the aisles of the Flea Markets, but I didn't buy anything. Nothing jumped out at me, and the things that did draw me in were to big to take with me on the plane.

Leaving the Flea Market we headed to Queen Elizabeth Park, we were going to check out the botanical garden, but got distracted with the Rose Garden instead.  I am in love with flowers and really wish I had a green thumb that would allow me to grow flowers. It's one of the biggest draws to moving to a coastal community, the opportunity to be able to grow such a vast variety of different flowering plants.  I was literally in heaven.  They also have some great overlooks of the city that give you a wonderful view.  We saw some brides while we were there as well.  It's quite a nice place for pictures. I will definitely go back again next time I am in Vancouver.

That night I spent a few hours visiting another girlfriend.  We had a good visit and it was nice to see her new place.  It was very quaint.  After the short visit I was taken out on the town to see the night life of Vancouver.  I have experienced Vancouver Nightlife before, I spent a New Year's in Vancouver 3 years ago. It was a great time, so I was pretty excited to see what this experience would bring.

My girlfriend picked up one of her other girlfriends and we headed down to Granville.  They actually always close down Granville for the club scene which was a unique experience for me.  It was decided we would go to Republic because it was Reggae night.  Now I did not comment one way or the other, because I always try to give something at least one shot, but I was very disappointed in the Vancouver nightlife.  First, we were going to a club that was going to play Reggae and Hip hop, hip hop I can tolerate, but I really don't like reggae, it's just not my scene.  Secondly, we stood in line for TWO AND A HALF hours before we got in, so from 11 until 1:30 we stood outside in the cold.  That definitely did nothing to improve my mood.  Once we were inside it was better, I was being the designated driver so I drank diet soda's for free.  The music wasn't horrible, but it wasn't anything I was really getting into.  The company in the club was maybe the best part of the whole night, and that's saying something because I found 80% of the people there annoying.  There was one group of guys that had one guy hitting on my friend that seemed decent, ironically they were Alberta boys.  Go figure right.  The only other upside to the Republic was that they stayed open until 4 am.  But, Holy Hell was I exhausted by the end of the night, and I am sure if I had said I was game we may have even hit up an After Hours club too, but I was EXHAUSTED!!

Vancouver does have some amazing sites, but I am still not sold on their nightlife.  I am sure Alberta can show them how it's done!!!


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