Vancouver Trip 2011: Day 5

So this is the day I am heading home, I will be honest I was ready to go home by noon, but my flight didn't leave until 7:30.  So we had a whole day practically to do stuff, but we didn't really do much.

Grouse was on the schedule but even if we had been able to get out of the house by say 10 I don't think we would have had time to complete Grouse Grind and get me back to Richmond for my flight.  So instead we just went perusing the mall in Richmond and then I got dropped off at the airport.

Here is something I learned at the airport, you can ask to get on an earlier flight and if it's not full, they will put you on it for a reasonable cost.  I asked and I got on a flight that was starting boarding ten minutes after I checked in. So through security I rushed and on the plane I got.  I was in Calgary and home by the time my scheduled plane was actually leaving Vancouver.

It was a good trip, but here is what I found out about me and travelling.
1) I need my own vehicle when I travel, because I enjoy the freedom it offers to be able to come and go as I please in order to do my own exploration.
2) I can't stay in one place for so long without my own vehicle, it drives me crazy.
3) Though I love to go out and have a good time, I am finding that my definition of a good time is vastly different from what it was a few years ago.... For example, my favourite night out was when we went to a lounge in Burnaby, just the two of us, or the night we went to the Cactus Club to watch the game that was  a lot of fun, but the night we went to Republic, yeah I could have done without that.  It was an ok night but it didn't make my top three nights when I was there.
4) If I make a plan or itinerary I like to stick to it, and I don't like to veer off the path and just do whatever, if I don't have an itinerary then I am ok to just go with the flow, so if it's going to be a do whatever weekend I can't make a plan where I write down things I want to do, because if I don't do everything on the list, I get irritated.

So that was my trip to Vancouver, I enjoyed myself and I am very grateful for the hospitality I was offered.  I know that it can be inconvenient when friends come to visit but I really do appreciate all my girlfriend did for me.  Hopefully, next time will be even better!!!


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