Versatile Blogger Award

I was given my first blogger award last week (The Versatile Blogger Award) by my terrific friend Mireille Chester. I am super excited. :D Be sure to check out Mireille’s blog

There are requirements for accepting the award. The most important one is that it must be passed on to others. The other rules are listed below.

The rules
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 5 newfound blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

So, seven random facts about me…

1. I have dual citizenship, so I often consider myself a citizen of North America.

2. I love Survivor and Big Brother, but I don't watch any other Reality Television, I think the rest is fake. lol

3. I have travelled all over the western provinces and states, but have only been out to PEI in the east.

4. I have worked in a bakery, restaurants, bars, department store and as a teacher. I love them all for different reasons obviously.

5. I have a Great Dane, named Sasha, I got her before the Marmaduke movie came out and made them trendy.

6.  I am a mother to two amazing little boys (one is not so little anymore) and I bought my first house two years ago.

7. I am getting married this August in my favourite place on the planet.  Lake Tahoe.

Now to pass this award onto five other bloggers.  hmmmm, Can I do pass backs??

I am going to pass this award onto my friend Becky, my friend David, Ross, Lisa Ann, and Laleh.

Becky who's blog address is  is a friend I have known since high school.  Her blogs are so much fun to read as she shares her thoughts and experiences. 

David and I have been friends since we started teaching for Red Deer Catholic School Division.  His blog is generally in regards to teaching and changes he is making in his teaching style that he feels are most beneficial to all teachers.  His address is

Laleh and I have been friends since middle school.  It hasn't always been a smooth road and there are sometimes more bumps then straight roads but her writing has always been superb.  I admire her writing abilities and her opinions that she shares with others.  Her blog address is

Lisa Ann is someone I found on Goodreads, in a group we both belong too.  She is an aspiring writer and works in a field that I think is just so interesting.  Her blogs are easy to read and always enjoyable.  I love all that she shares.  Her blog address is

The final blog I will be awarding this award to is Ross.  It's the one celebrity blog I read on a regular basis.  I am hoping this is ok, it didn't say I couldn't award it to celebrities.  His blog is  I have followed him since his days on Days of Our Lives and his interviews with Big Brother Contestants, I really wish he still did Big Brother.

Well that's my list.  I hope you can check out everyone's blogs and maybe find a new blog to follow as well!!!


  1. Woohooo! Thank you so much for my award... Can't wait to show it off! :)


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