Bridesmaids, the movie, not the girls in my wedding!

My sister, who is my Maid of Honour, and I went to the movie Bridesmaids last night.  It was a busy night in the theatre but we made it there early enough and got good seats.  I have heard great reviews about this movie and sometimes that worries me because it increases my expectations and then I end up being disappointed that it did not live up to my expectations.  This movie, however, did not disappoint, it exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.

The movie was excellent!! So funny and it had a real story-line.  People do get crazy when it's wedding time so the situations were believable and they just showed them for the absurdity that can happen when women are involved in weddings.  Especially when a bride is trying to get all her friends together that don't normally hang out together.  Especially when girls feel like they are the number one friend and come face to face with someone else that feels the same way.

It was a great comedy movie.  I can see where people make comparison to the Hangover, but those are truly superficial comparisons.  The Hangover was a comedy of men in extreme situations, sometimes absurd situations.  Where Bridesmaids is a comedy of women if very relate-able situations that they make funny.  I think I enjoyed Bridesmaids 100X more than the Hangover.  The Hangover was funny, but Bridesmaids was hilarious.

So glad I went to see it!!  Kind of wished I had worn my Bridesmaids dress to the movie though that would have been fun!!


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