Job Hunting

I hate job hunting, I actually hate all parts about it, but it's a neccessity in this day and age.  I am again finding myself to be on the job hunt for another teaching position for the fall.  Every year this seems to be my lot in life, and though I love teaching this job hunting SUCKS.

Sometimes I sit at my computer and wonder why I can't be a travel writer.  Why not?  It seems like it would be a good job, it would definitely have a lot of perks and I could technically speaking take my family with me on some of my excursions.  But how do people get into that line of work?  I have no idea but if anyone knows then you can send me in that direction.  I would even work for Travel Alberta or Travel Saskatchewan and write reviews for their events. I think sometimes being able to go places and show how they are or are not good for a family is what people want to see or read about when they are about to venture out of their safe bubble zone of their home.

I guess my passion is writing, I love to help kids find their own voice in writing and I also feel very passionately about reading, which is why I went into educaiton as an English teacher.  But that perfect job hasn't found me and maybe it never will, but I am hoping that something will come up, maybe triple A or CAA needs a new travel writer.  Does anyone know how to get involved with this??

I could post on my blog and I will but I wish I was getting paid for this, that would be fantastic then I could make this my full time gig and let my travelling bug take me to  all kinds of new places.


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