The scars of our parents...

So I have been watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels for a couple years now.  I actually really enjoy watching that family, they seem very grounded considering the fame and notoriety that Gene has surrounding him.  Especially, when you consider, this family to other Rock star families, this family seems very real and not completely swallowed up by the hype that seems to live and breathe within LA. 

Through the first six seasons, Gene has been opposed to marriage, and Shannon hasn't really pressed the issue so much as she has been busy with the kids and the home.  Gene says that he and Shannon have been happily unmarried for 2X years.  He is content with being unmarried and being in a relationship with Shannon that still allows him to live his rock star life in public with girls hanging off his arms.  But this season you see a change.

I don't think this change happens because Gene wakes up one day and is like hey marriage isn't so bad, but because Shannon decides she can't continue on this path.  She has raised the kids, she is ready to just have her and Gene time.  So Shannon leaves the house and stays in a hotel for awhile.  Gene comes to realize all the Shannon does for him and he wants to do whatever he has to to get Shannon back. 

Gene seems to have some commitment issues, he seems to have some Daddy issues as well.  His dad left his family when he was 7, as Gene remembers it.  But that's not the whole story, as he found out in the most recent episode, Gene's mom actually sent his dad to work and then she moved with Gene to America.  It seemed a little confusing when I was watching it last night but it got me to think. 

Many of us make decisions in our life based on what we experienced in our childhood, and often based on the negative experiences we make firm decisions to never be this way or that way. Which seems to be what Gene has done, because he does not want to leave his family like his father did, and if he never gets married he never has to feel trapped in a situation that he can't leave.  His dad 'abandoning' his family left a deep scar for him and I am sure he is working it out in therapy, which I applaud.  And it makes me look at my life and I try to think of decisions I may have made that were based on my experiences. 

Some of them are little things, some of them I am sure are bigger.  But I don't deny things and I face things because I know that is the only way I can get through this life without any regrets.  I have no regrets and that's what I want in my life, no regrets.


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