Television Review Thursday: Scandal

I try not to spend too much time watching television but there are a few shows that I just can't miss.  I like to be entertained when I watch a show, but I also like a show to intrigue me, to get me to think.  Sometimes it's those what if questions, sometimes it's the OMG what is going to happen, but regardless, I have three things to make a television show one that I watch!  I'm a loyal viewer so as long a s a show can provide for my whimsical needs I will watch loyally.

I like drama and intrigue.  I like shows to keep me guessing, to get me thinking.

I like strong characters, not strong actors,  but strong characters, characters you could relate to, or want to emulate because they show admirable qualities.

I like storylines to be more ensemble based then strictly on following one character.

I also like my sitcoms to be funny, but to be funny because they could really happen. I really enjoy shows that mimic real life.

So Shonda Rhimes and I should be best friends, because I am loving most things that come out of Shondaland!! And Scandal is one of my favourites!! I usually steer wide of any political drama, or political comedy for that matter. Political matter shows tend to bore me or be so out there that I end up rolling my eyes, but Scandal just seems to be the right combination to draw me in and keep me coming back each week.

I mean there are things I don't really like, I'm not an Olivia and Fitz fan.  I have huge issues with infidelity and I can't respect Fitz and his whole, I can have a mistress but my wife better not take a lover attitude, I'm sorry you are an idiot!! But I love how the show is written so you can see the struggle, you know Fitz would throw it all away and move to Vermont with Olivia and screw the Presidency, but they tell us enough and base it closely enough on the American public's views that you know this would not work well for his political party and he wants to do a good job.  Aside from his indiscretions with Olivia, I actually don't mind Fitz at all.

But Olivia, what a tortured soul, but she is also smart and strong and independent! She's a great character, I'm not happy with her part in the infidelity and want to shake her sometimes, but you also see her vulnerability and 'daddy' issues that come up in her relationships with these romantic partners.   Fabulous!!

I helped my friend brainstorm Olivia Pope and her characteristics while my friend was writing a personality psychology essay and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Scandal is one of those shows that has little nuances that you don't always catch the first viewing, but you watch a second time and it's like "Wow!!!"  I love it!! And I love Jake Ballard!! I want him and Olivia to be together!! So that's another reason I watch the show.  

It's on Netflix so if you want to bing it, it's there and such a great show to bing!! To be honest that's how i prefer to watch my shows now!!!


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