Shop Local Tuesday: little studio, big heart!!

When I was pregnant with Prince T, I was part of a dress club.  Each month we would go do something different and hang out and visit. One month we went to Hot Pot Studio! It was so much fun!!

I loved that while I was getting to be all creative I was hanging with some cool people and we were visiting and laughing.  We didn't have to yell to be heard (and the back ground noise was minimal which was good because I had lost my hearing in my left ear).  And we also got to see everyone else's creativity which was so cool!

So after the first time I went back two more times! I want to go some more, but I've had to be smart with my finances so that will have to wait a couple more months.  The first time I went I painted a little plant pot and plate.  The second time I painted a popcorn bowl for Lil Man and the third time I painted a piggy bank for Prince T!!

I really want to paint four more bowls for all of us so we can all have our own personalized pop corn bowls since we do a lot of popcorn eating each night.

When we went, it was Tuesday and it was 1/2 price sitting fee so that was pretty cool.

I also really enjoyed how quaint the shop was, but I know it's popularity was growing so they have had to move!

I also like that the owner is a local girl from Red Deer.  We have mutual friends in common!

So if you are looking for a place to go show off some creativity, check out Hot Pot Studio!! It's amazing!!


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